The 2008 Star Wars Election!


The 2008 Star Wars Election has begun! Who will you choose? We’ve got tons of great election designs like Chewbacca election t-shirts, Boba Fett buttons, Luke Skywalker election mugs and more! So show your Star Wars Election support and get your favorite character today (I vote for Chewbacca – Let the Wookie Win!). Check out all the great designs at the Zazzle Star Wars Election store, more will be launching on Friday (at midnight)! Also, don’t forget to check us out at Comic-Con San Diego (we’ll be in the Zazzle area of the Star Wars Pavilion).

Chewbacca election t-shirt R2-D2 mousepad Boba Fett Button

Learn more about Leia Mugs, R2-D2 t-shirts, Han Solo mousepads and voting for yourself for Supreme Chancellor at Zazzle.


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3 Responses to “The 2008 Star Wars Election!”

  1. Master Jedi-Robe Says:

    There is good and there is good.

    This is definately good.

    Great piece as well.

    Cheers. Master Jedi-Robe

  2. tricia-rennea Says:

    My vote is for Han Solo…is hee running? hee hee hee

  3. Swazzle Says:

    I love all the new Star Wars election art. So clever and cool!

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