Summer Games Checklist


It’s here! Today is the opening day for the Summer Games 2008 and we just want to make sure you’ve got everything to watch in style. Check all that apply below:

  • Country Pride T-shirt
  • Couch with massage feature (need to have 3 speeds or greater)
  • Fridge stocked with cold beverages (mmmhh bee- umm I mean sodaaaaa) and pantry stocked with all things snackable
  • Custom postage and greeting cards to mail smack talk all over the globe
  • Photo Calendar to mark dates of favorite events and to show off pictures of “fluffy”
  • 50 inch 1080p LCD HDTV with full 120hz advanced contrast enchancer and universal remote (with new batteries)
  • Custom shoes to show off your true national pride with fly kicks

Well if you’ve missed anything on this list you better hurry up and get it otherwise you’ll have to wait another four years to celebrate the summer games in style.

Ghana t-shirt American pride t-shirt Turkey Pride t-shirt


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