Welcome to the New Zazzle!


Zazzle has launched its new look! Last night we launched a new look and a new logo that is simple, bold and a whole lot more. See below for the complete note from our Creative Director on why we did it:

As a commerce re-defining platform, Zazzle is much less interested in promoting itself than it is in promoting our users and the content they generate. This overhaul of Zazzle’s identity is intended to create a brand that allows us to step back from the limelight so that your content takes the center stage.

Our new, subdued black and white color scheme is neutral, friendly, inclusive and kind of hip (just enough that it won’t turn anyone away). We chose this clean and simple aesthetic to let the colors and beauty of your original content really pop off the page. You might even think of this new site as a kind of empty coloring book and your products as the crayons.

Our new logo is also simple and bold. We designed it to look a little bit like a copyright © or registered trademark ® symbol, because we want you to think of the Zazzle logo as a kind of trademark symbol you might slap down next to your own brand as a way to let the world know that Zazzle’s got your back. We will ensure the best consumer experience and retail quality products for all of your designs.

Some of the key descriptive words we used internally when working on this new brand included simple, clean, trustworthy, strong, universal, and unique. We hope you agree with the intent and like the results.

Everyone at Zazzle loves the new look and we hope you like it too! If you’ve got comments, questions or just wonder who exactly Zazzle Greg is, feel free to drop a comment in the Zazzle forums to get a discussion started!



8 Responses to “Welcome to the New Zazzle!”

  1. David James McCelvey Says:

    I like the new look very much. The logo is a very good design. Who can I get a hold of to consider an article for your blog. I do something that many young people really like and I wish to “spread the word”. I have some cool YouTube recycled bicycle art videos that must be seen… thought you might like to do blog article on “recycling and the art world”.

    Cheers! to your new look.


  2. anima design Says:

    love the new look.

  3. Mozaix Says:

    I too like the new look.

    Not sure I like the search box in the middle of the screen. Maybe if it was off to the right side it might look better.

    But overall it’s a great new format.

  4. Zazzle Updates Logo, Brand and Website Says:

    [...] you want to hear why Zazzle did the update you can visit the Zazzle Blog. none [...]

  5. adi.nugroho Says:

    i love the new look. simple n clean!

    ~ adi.nugroho | fractal art

  6. eve Says:

    Like the new look. When will the new logo be used on greeting cards? Thanks.

  7. azac Says:

    I like the new look for the homepage…very clean and user friendly. I liked Zazzle’s old logo better. How could you get rid od the Zazzle star, that’s what added the pizazz to it. The arrogant and obtrusive search bar in the galleries has got to go. Do you think you made it prominent enough? The black and white colour scheme works well for the homepage because it lets the artwork stand out but it doesn’t work so well on other pages and it looks depressing especially on the Forum. Dreary and bleak. Yuck.

  8. Mike Says:

    Your concept and theory behind the new logo is and was a great step in the right direction. As was for the search bar though it could have been scaled back in scale some as it does seem to be a little competitive. On the down side, while I’m sure you want to remain sensitive to the logo’s effect for watermark skip-over, an improvement, in my view may be lightening up on the stroke wieght. Several images I have incountered look as though areas of the watermark are acually artwork due to this span of the logo’s stroke-wieght, conflicting, and may actually impede a customer’s purpose for inspection. That balance you strove for tend to lean to this side. One other thing, yes, if you wanted to step aside and resume a more generic design, what was the reason for stark white? A few steps grayer wouldn’t have obscure you and would have been quite classy and generic without the glare.

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