New Custom Skateboards!


Zazzle has launched skateboards! Now you can create or customize professional quality skateboards with your own text, photos, designs and more! Developed in collaboration with Andy Howell, former pro skateboarder and founder of ARTSPROJEKT, a unit of Zazzle, custom skateboards are produced within 24 hours of ordering, and feature North American Maple decks with a patent-pending printing process that produce the most AMAZING vibrant imagery. Check out some of my favorite skateboards that have already been created in the Marketplace (shown at EXTREME HUGE view to show off the detail).


Even if you don’t skate, these bad boys would make some awesome wall art. Learn more about creating your own custom skateboard. Also a YODA SKATEBOARD!!!!


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2 Responses to “New Custom Skateboards!”

  1. azac Says:

    Wow, this is freakin’ cool! Zazzle has surprised a lot of people in the last few weeks, first with shoes and now, skateboards. The only thing that can top this is if Zazzle introduced custom paint jobs that you could design on your own Ferrari ;)

  2. Shane Says:


    Hawaiian-style Skateboard

    Design your own skateboards at Zazzle.comBrowse United States Skateboards

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