Zazzle Store Builder…Zazzle products on YOUR website


On Monday, August 18th, we launched our redesigned Zazzle website. Guess what we snuck in there for ya…the Zazzle Store Builder! Yes, now it is possible to put Zazzle products on your website with just a couple of quick text edits!

How easy is this?

All you have to do is enter your gallery name and your associate ID in a configuration file…and voilà! Instant store front! But it can go way deeper than that…over 20 different configurable parameters deeper. Here’s a taste:

  • Google Analytics support
  • Product line filter
  • Product type filter
  • Keyword filter
  • Display product thumbnails in 5 different sizes
  • Sorting and pagination controls
  • Enable local caching
  • Display product titles, descriptions, prices and contributor link
  • Change the image background color

All these parameters and more can be set in a simple configuration text file. No programming required. But if you know a little CSS and HTML, you can do so much more.
Oh, and did I mention we are releasing this as Open Source? Yup. If you are a PHP programmer, feel free to dissect this, make it better, add features, create services…the possibilities are as open as you are!

Why do we need this?
Some of you may be asking “But Ed, why do we need to have an external web site when I have a perfectly good gallery on” The answer is simple. By driving your own traffic to your gallery on Zazzle, you will make more money! A potential customer that visits your Zazzle Store Builder site and clicks on a product thumbnail will be taken to that product in your gallery…with your associate referral ID tagging along for the ride! That means that anything that user buys from Zazzle during that session funnels a percentage to you. And there’s a good chance they’ll buy YOUR product since that’s how they got to Zazzle in the first place. Which means double whammy! Referral AND royalty!
And another cool thing is that customers who click over to your gallery from your Store Builder site will be treated to the zBar (a much smaller Zazzle header), putting YOUR brand where it matters most…right in front of the customer that YOU brought to Zazzle.

What are the requirements to set this up?
All you need is a web host that supports PHP, and about 10 minutes! We provide documentation (pdf: 3MB) to guide you during setup, and there is now a Tools Forum where you can ask questions or help others if you are wise in the ways of geekdom :-)

How does it work?
So what’s the magic behind the Zazzle Store Builder? Simple. RSS feeds. Zazzle’s new gallery RSS architecture lent us the opportunity to build a pretty robust application that gives you, the store owner, the power to design your own store front just the way you want it.

Ok, where can I download this?
I can go on all night about the Zazzle Store Builder. But you should really just download it and try it yourself. It’s FREE, so you have nothing to lose…and so much to gain!


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16 Responses to “Zazzle Store Builder…Zazzle products on YOUR website”

  1. If You Built It, They Will Come… « Zazzle Seller Blog Says:

    [...] uses a combo of 2 things, the Store Builder and bundling products together to encourage multiple purchases. The store on this webpage was built [...]

  2. Bill Says:

    “Yup. If you are a PHP programmer…” When is Zazzle going to provide a similar option for those who are simple business people who want to do all that can be done to promote a shop. Why not provide a WYSIWYG store builder where advanced programming knowledge isn’t needing? I’d venture to say that most shop keepers don’t know what PHP is, much less how to do anything with it. Store Builder is a good tool for a few. Now, how about a good tool for more shop keepers who will be able to push Zazzle revenue much further than the few programmers will.

  3. How To Build Referral Links « Zazzle Seller Blog Says:

    [...] you are currently showcasing using the Store Builder. You can read more about the store builder here & here. You can download the Store Builder here and you can download the installation manual [...]

  4. How to build referrel links with zazzle. | Says:

    [...] you are currently showcasing using the Store Builder. You can read more about the store builder here & here. You can download the Store Builder here and you can download the installation manual [...]

  5. Kerry Says:

    I agree – this is not a user friendly way to create a store. I have multiple websites and know HTML fairly well, but FrontPage, which I use to create my sites, is not PHP friendly. PHP was not the best choice for how to create this tool. I hope Zazzle will consider broadening this tool.

  6. Eugene Says:

    Nice article. Thanks. :) Eugene

  7. B.L.U.C.H.I.C. Says:

    I’m so frustrated with this Zstore installation that I’m thinking of calling it quits and going back to Cafepress! The Zazzle Store Builder works for some and not for the rest of us. I’ve done everything in the book and the darn products just won’t appear! Voilà my ***!

  8. Zazzle: Now Offering Custom Embroidery | Monty's Mega Marketing Says:

    [...] this up with the Zazzle store builder, and this could be a powerful combination. CrunchBase Information Zazzle Information provided [...]

  9. Ron Says:

    Hi All: I wish I could be more supportive of the new look, but quite frankly, I don’t like the lower right “cutouts” for the “inside” previews. They make the gallery pages look way to complicated and unpleasant, actually. Also, they don’t work or load well. Today (11/04/08) tons of images are not loading properly in the galleries and on purchase pages. Tons. No one can order a couple of my calendars for 2009 because of it.

    I think the first rule of graphic presentation is “keep it simple.” Keep it uncluttered…. If you are going to add such a component to gallery pages, maybe we should be able to shut it off? I think you are trying to hard on the “bells and whistles.” Take care, Ron

  10. Olatunde-Hythe Says:

    I need your urgent help with setting my storebuilder, I kept getting the error “Error: Feed temporarily unavailable.”

    Can you please help me.


  11. Caza Creations Says:

    I agree with Bill. I would like to take advantage of the store builder, but unfortunately I only know basic HTML.

  12. Ed Caggiani, User Experience Designer Says:

    Knowing PHP is not a requirement of using the Store Builder. All you have to know is whether your web host supports PHP. If they do, you should be able to copy all the files over and it should work.

    Visit our tools forum for tips and tricks and help from our community. There are many people there who have setup the Store Builder and are helping others with questions.

  13. Caza Creations Says:

    ok, thanks Ed, good to know

  14. GJ Says:

    Hi All
    The Site Builder is a great piece of coding, if you are operating off the database. However if you are using you get $ prices instead of £.

    Any attempts to change the code to brings forth ERROR: FEED TEMPORARIILY UNAVAILABLE.

    Hopefully someone will be able to assist in this area

    The idea is great and I look forward to cracking the problems with configuration.php / zshop.php

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