Welcome to the new Zazzle Seller Blog!


My name is Rob (aka habitforming), and I’ve had the pleasure of developing relationships with many of you, our awesome sellers. Today I’m excited to introduce our official blog for all sellers! The new Zazzle Seller blog is dedicated to getting you the best and most important information for increasing your sales on the Zazzle platform.

For the first post I wanted to call out some of the great new tools and programs recently created to help you sell more:

Check back often, for more updates, best practices and other great ideas to help you sell more on Zazzle!

Rob Greenleaf

10 Responses to “Welcome to the new Zazzle Seller Blog!”

  1. Craigsnedeker Says:

    First post :D

    Anyway, I love the skateboards, but can’t use them because in Paint shop pro it’s to jumpy, because the file size is so big.

  2. Steven Barrymore Says:

    September 10, 2008

    Thanks Rob — It is exciting to see the new look of ZAZZLE and the opportunities for new venues. I am looking for a long and exciting relationship with ZAZZLE.


    BlockQuote Producer
    Steven Barrymore

  3. ldpeer Says:

    Oh cool!
    I was just browsing around the “Sell” area (lots of really great info there that I hadn’t seen before, especially in “merchandising”)…
    and I ran across the link to here! Wow – another place for even “more” great ideas on selling. Thanks very much!

  4. Mark T Says:

    Hi Rob:

    I spoke with you on the telephone today re: the new Seller Incentive program. However, I’m still confused as to how the numbers in the example on your web site (i.e., the Sarah Seller example at http://www.zazzle.com/sell/incentive/volumebonus) are derived.

    I’ve need to understand this in order to compare Zazzle’s commission payout system to the new CafePress Shop Performance Bonus plan.

    Could you or someone more familiar with the detailed calculations please expand upon the cryptic description in this example?



  5. dtdesigns Says:

    Nice addition to the zazzle blog .. thanks : )

  6. Mike Says:

    I’m excited about these new programs! Now that I’m beginning to ramp up my Zazzle shop, I just downloaded the Store Builder and have been looking through your promotion and marketing materials. Everything looks good so far! Thanks for all of this support!

  7. brooke Says:

    Can you chane you seller id name…I hate mine but dont want to recreate products. Or is their a way to upload products all at once from my store feed somehow?

  8. Matt Says:

    Store builder is better than putting everyone on Zazzle since it lets sellers have custom websites but sellers are still stuck sending customers back to zazzle.com to complete a purchase. Being able to have customers check out on my own site (like spreadshirt allows) would get me to switch to Zazzle. I market my site and do a ton of work to bring my customers in, I have no interest in sending them elsewhere to check out and possibly lose the sale. I have tried other systems like Cafe Press where customers leave my site to check out, the shopping cart rate abandon was much too high. Having customers check out on my own site tremendously reduced this problem.

  9. Tams Tees Says:

    I have been with Zazzle since May but just now discovered this blog. I am rolling you to http://www.artsyedge.blogspot.com

  10. tesha Says:

    hey rob,
    yeah, i just noticed this blog also, i didnt know it existed either!

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