Peninsula Creamery and The Old Pro, a Zazzle Story


Back in the day, when Zazzle was a bit smaller, we used to be located in downtown Palo Alto near two fabulous restaurants that the Zazzle Team loved going to. The first was the Peninsula Creamery, hands down the best milk shakes and a good way to take a quick break during the day. The second was The Old Pro Sports Bar which was the place that we all went to haveā€¦meetings, yup lots of delicious hoppy meetingsā€¦. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because both of these venerable Palo Alto establishments have opened up galleries on Zazzle! Check out Peninsula Creamy gallery and the Old Pro gallery!

Old Pro Palo Alto Men's T-shirt Old Pro Palo Alto Mug Old Pro Ladies T-shirt

Peninsula Creamery Palo Alto t-shirt brown Peninsula Creamery Hat peninsula creamery dairy store ladies t-shirt

Now that they are on Zazzle that means I can have a meeting at the Old Pro anytime! So, if you want to have a meeting to discuss which is better, nachos or cheesy fries, I think I can clear my calendar for you (it will take all day to decide).

Learn more about Beer t-shirts, beer steins, and milkshake t-shirts at Zazzle.


2 Responses to “Peninsula Creamery and The Old Pro, a Zazzle Story”

  1. Andrew Freeman Says:

    Long live these two awesome Palo Alto establishments!

  2. Cherie Says:

    Sounds delish!

    Do they send out orders to go? To Michigan?

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