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Tina Fey says Vote Leia on SNL!

September 15, 2008

If you missed SNL on Saturday you missed a hilarious sketch guest starring Tina Fay about Sarah Palin (some say they look alike, I don’t see it…). AND you also missed Zazzle’s Vote Princess Leia 08 t-shirt on Ms. Fey at the end of the show! Check out the screen grab from the episode below.

Tina Fey Zazzle
Tina Fey Leia Zazzle Shirt

Thanks to Tina Fey for supporting Leia in 08. But, if you feel that maybe Voting Luke or maybe even Vader is more your speed then check out the entire Star Wars Election Gallery to show your support for your candidate.


Pigs ‘n Lipstick T-shirts – The Battle Continues

September 12, 2008

Well, it looks like the election battles have gone from a light simmer to a full boil over Obama’s “pigs and lipstick” comment, and the Zazzle Community has literally explode with content about this. Check out all the Sarah Palin t-shirts, pigs and lipstick t-shirts, Palin lipstick t-shirts, and Palin pig t-shirts.

palin lipstick pig palin pig t-shirt obama pig t-shirt

Learn more about Palin T-Shirts, Sarah Palin Buttons, Palin Buttons, Sarah Palin Bumper Stickers, Palin Bumper Stickers at Zazzle.


New Zazzle Seller Blog!

September 11, 2008

Learn from the best and the brightest to help you sell more of your great Zazzle products with the new Zazzle Seller blog! Now you’ve got a place to go to get information on hot new tools from Zazzle, ideas from top sellers in the community and other great features that help you make more money, faster! Check out the Seller blog to see the first post from Rob our Selling Guru.

Learn more about making money online at Zazzle.


Large Hadron Collider – Love It or Hate It

September 10, 2008

Today the Large Hadron Collider, the biggest particle accelerator ever, started up to fanfare and dismay around the world. Some believe it will help us better understand the universe; others believe it will quickly destroy the planet. Contributors at Zazzle have also chimed in on what it could do with their designs like CERN t-shirts and LHC t-shirts. Check out some of the designs below.

cern t-shirt particle accelerator t-shirt LHC experiment

black hole is my homeboy t-shirt quantum particles t-shirt science t-shirt

Learn more about black hole t-shirts, physics t-shirts, science t-shirts and more at Zazzle.


Welcome to the new Zazzle Seller Blog!

September 9, 2008

My name is Rob (aka habitforming), and I’ve had the pleasure of developing relationships with many of you, our awesome sellers. Today I’m excited to introduce our official blog for all sellers! The new Zazzle Seller blog is dedicated to getting you the best and most important information for increasing your sales on the Zazzle platform.

For the first post I wanted to call out some of the great new tools and programs recently created to help you sell more:

Check back often, for more updates, best practices and other great ideas to help you sell more on Zazzle!

Rob Greenleaf

McCain is Palin in Comparison

September 9, 2008

When it comes to the merchandise election, Palin is beating the pants off her running mate McCain, and she is coming in a close second to Obama right now. Check out some of the amazing Palin t-shirts, Palin buttons, Palin bumperstickers and more that contributors have been adding to the Zazzle marketplace day and night. Some of my favorites are below.

Palin Omama t-shirt Palin very pretty t-shirt Palin power t-shirt

Palin and that other guy t-shirt
Hillary who t-shrit Palin power ladies t-shirt

i love palin t-shirt Palin silhouette t-shirt Palin and that other guy ladies ringer t-shirt

Palin BUtton Palin Bumpersticker Palin Mug

So who’s going to have the most merchandise at the end of the day? Well, Obama is in the lead, but don’t count Palin out yet, there’s still plenty of time until the election.

Learn more about Obama Mugs, Palin Mugs, and McCain Mugs at Zazzle.


Spore Unleashed!

September 8, 2008

Yesterday was the official release of the much anticipated Spore video game! Spore allows you to create and grow a creature from a single-celled amoeba to a cultured creature of civilization. Check out more about Spore at the official Spore site. Once you’ve created your creature you should head over to the Zazzle Spore Store to design products with your Spore creature! We’ve got all the official spore merchandise from spore t-shirts to Spore posters. Check out some of my favorite Spore designs below.

spore creature poster Spore Creature T-shirt spore promotional poster

Learn more about Official Spore Products, Spore mugs, Spore stickers and more at Zazzle.


Zazzle Store Builder…Zazzle products on YOUR website

September 5, 2008

On Monday, August 18th, we launched our redesigned Zazzle website. Guess what we snuck in there for ya…the Zazzle Store Builder! Yes, now it is possible to put Zazzle products on your website with just a couple of quick text edits!

How easy is this?

All you have to do is enter your gallery name and your associate ID in a configuration file…and voilà! Instant store front! But it can go way deeper than that…over 20 different configurable parameters deeper. Here’s a taste:

  • Google Analytics support
  • Product line filter
  • Product type filter
  • Keyword filter
  • Display product thumbnails in 5 different sizes
  • Sorting and pagination controls
  • Enable local caching
  • Display product titles, descriptions, prices and contributor link
  • Change the image background color

All these parameters and more can be set in a simple configuration text file. No programming required. But if you know a little CSS and HTML, you can do so much more.
Oh, and did I mention we are releasing this as Open Source? Yup. If you are a PHP programmer, feel free to dissect this, make it better, add features, create services…the possibilities are as open as you are!

Why do we need this?
Some of you may be asking “But Ed, why do we need to have an external web site when I have a perfectly good gallery on” The answer is simple. By driving your own traffic to your gallery on Zazzle, you will make more money! A potential customer that visits your Zazzle Store Builder site and clicks on a product thumbnail will be taken to that product in your gallery…with your associate referral ID tagging along for the ride! That means that anything that user buys from Zazzle during that session funnels a percentage to you. And there’s a good chance they’ll buy YOUR product since that’s how they got to Zazzle in the first place. Which means double whammy! Referral AND royalty!
And another cool thing is that customers who click over to your gallery from your Store Builder site will be treated to the zBar (a much smaller Zazzle header), putting YOUR brand where it matters most…right in front of the customer that YOU brought to Zazzle.

What are the requirements to set this up?
All you need is a web host that supports PHP, and about 10 minutes! We provide documentation (pdf: 3MB) to guide you during setup, and there is now a Tools Forum where you can ask questions or help others if you are wise in the ways of geekdom :-)

How does it work?
So what’s the magic behind the Zazzle Store Builder? Simple. RSS feeds. Zazzle’s new gallery RSS architecture lent us the opportunity to build a pretty robust application that gives you, the store owner, the power to design your own store front just the way you want it.

Ok, where can I download this?
I can go on all night about the Zazzle Store Builder. But you should really just download it and try it yourself. It’s FREE, so you have nothing to lose…and so much to gain!


Important Announcement from Zazzle’s Founders

September 5, 2008

Earlier today, Bobby and Jeff had a very important announcement for all Zazzle contributors and associates, which can be found below:

Dearest Friends and Zazzle Members,

Today is a very special day. We are thrilled to announce the Zazzle Seller Incentive Program, which will enable all users to earn significantly more money! With the introduction of volume bonuses and a more-than-doubled referral fee, the earnings potential on Zazzle has now skyrocketed.

Zazzle was originally founded upon the principle of network incentives – that helping others earn real money is a powerful way to grow a business. We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, and now is the right time to further align your success with ours. The Seller Incentive Program will enable all sellers – whether contributors of content or referrers of traffic – to earn much, much more.

Speaking on behalf of everybody at Zazzle, please consider this a big “Thank You!” as all of you on this email list have contributed to our success in unique and important ways. Empowering people to earn a living on our platform is our passion and we’re more excited than ever about serving you with the very best products and features.

We continue to be humbled by your creative genius, inspired by your entrepreneurial spirit, and we anxiously await your increased success from this launch. So, at last, please check out the new Zazzle Seller Incentive Program!

Very truly yours,

Bobby & Jeff Beaver
Co-Founders, Inc.


Mohawks and the First Skateboard!

September 2, 2008

Last week, we launched Zazzle custom skateboards, a new and exciting product for your designs, photos and more! Everyone seems to be diggin’ the product and we were excited to see what the first order was going to be. Well low and behold, only two hours or so after launch we had the first EVER skateboard order ready to ship (they beat the 24 hour production guarantee by like 22 hours). It was a proud moment, but what was even better was that the order was going to San Jose, CA. So, we thought it would be fun to jump in the car with a camera and the first EVER Zazzle custom skateboard and go on a little drive for a hand delivery. Once delivered, the guys that ordered the board were totally blown away with the quality of the skateboard (they run a wood working shop so that is saying a lot!) and the speed of which it was delivered! Check out the pictures below of the saga of the first EVER Zazzle custom skateboard order. Also read further to learn more about why there are Mohawks in the title….

Looks just like the picture!

Look at that quality!

First skateboard ready to be shipped

Close up of the skateboards box

That’s one cool sticker!

Happy Customers!

See the board they created here.


Well in the excitement of the first order and the successful launch of skateboards, Jeff and Bobby Beaver (brothers and co-founders of Zazzle) decided that they wanted to get into the skateboard spirit and got some Mohawks to show their skateboard pride! Check out the pictures and video below (oh yes, we have video!)…

This video begs the question, what happens with the next Zazzle product launch? Tattoos?



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