Embroidery AND New Features


So on top of launching the world’s first on-demand embroidery yesterday, there were also a bunch of great new features launched! See below for awesome new tools to have more fun with Zazzle and share it with the world (and make more money if you’re into that whole thing :) )!

New Sharing Tools

See a shirt you really think your BFF would love? Well, with the new share section on the Zazzle product page you can now twitter, blog, link and email your favorite products to the world. We’ve also got the “Add This” tool built right into the page so that you can add Zazzle products to just about any site you’re a member of. Remember, sharing is caring!
Contributor Hint: This is a great way to promote your products before the big holiday season…

Design Tool Improvements
The best way to customize t-shirts online just got better!

  • Selecting multiple objects – now you can move, align or delete more than one text and image object at a time!
  • Reverting customization – when customizing a marketplace product, you can now revert to the original if you make a mistake (or just want to try a different way of customization).
  • Creating templates is a snap – check out the new template creation process, it’s now easier than pie to create a template out of your custom designs.

    Contributor Hint: Templates are a great way to allow customers to interact with your products. Templates make it easier for customers to personalize your designs to their needs which increases the chance that they will buy from your gallery.
  • Try the new features out by creating an embroidered shirt.

Google Analytics

This one is big for our contributors, we heard you guys asking for it so here it is: Google Analytics integrated right into your contributor gallery! Thanks to the power of Google’s free data tracking and analysis software, contributors are able to analyze their traffic end-to-end from their website, blog, etc all the way to their gallery. Activate Analytics in your gallery by going to http://www.zazzle.com/my/gallery/basicinfo

Bulk Product Editing
Now you can select and edit multiple products at once! Need to change a tag on all your obama t-shirts? No problem, just go to http://www.zazzle.com/my/products/public and then select as many products as you’d like and you’ll be able to edit the rating, categories, tags, and product visibility, and royalty.

Bulk Image Editing
Edit every image in your image gallery at once. Add a description or change the title to multiple images. Get started here http://www.zazzle.com/my/images.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff! And on top of all of this it’s Halloween! BOOOOOO! Well, I am going to get back to pumpkin carving cuz we’re in the middle of a pumpkin carving contest at the office and of course my team is winning….checking out our Mickey Mouse pumpkin below – I love Disney Halloween!

(more pics coming soon)


3 Responses to “Embroidery AND New Features”

  1. More than just embroidery… « Zazzle Tech Blog Says:

    [...] Zazzle Forums for updates on that front.  For a quick overview, read our main blog post entitled Embroidery AND New Features. In this post, I’m going to get into some detail on some new features of the Zazzle Design [...]

  2. deadhippo Says:

    Lots of great upgrades! Thanks.

    Regarding Google Analytics what does “Enable cross-domain tracking” mean?

  3. Nicole Says:

    “Google Analytics” especially is a cool tool/option! TX.

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