Yes He Did…


Last night history was made – Barack Obama was elected into the highest office of the United States. It was a long journey for both McCain and Obama, but the country made its choice for change. I doubt in our lifetime we will see another election as historic as this one. This election was historic for Zazzle as well – never has a political race impassioned so many artists to create so many products to express their feelings. On Zazzle today, there are more Obama products (both pro and anti products) than any other candidate in history, and we expect more will continue to be added today (see below for Obama Wins t-shirts). It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. I like to think that Zazzle shows the true passion of this country. That we as a nation can express ourselves with more than shouting, and that even politics can create some of the most beautiful and inspiring art in the world.

yes we did Obama ladies t-shirt Obama FTW t-shirt Obama Yes we did t-shirt
obama yes we did t-shirt pink president obama t-shirt Obama 44 t-shirt

Also, for those McCain supporters out there, you might want to check out the growing amount of Palin 2012 t-shirts and other Palin 2012 products floating around…

Learn more about yes we did t-shirts, obama won t-shirts, and anti-obama t-shirts at Zazzle.


4 Responses to “Yes He Did…”

  1. Kahmier Says:

    I saw this and just had to create a couple of my own designs. This is just one of them, I don’t know if I can enter html here.

    No You Didn’t , OBAMA / 08 by kahmier Design a Customized T Shirt At zazzleMore Current Events T-Shirts No You Didn’t , OBAMA / 08 by kahmierMake personalized shirts Using Zazzle.comSee other Current Events T-Shirts

  2. Elenne Says:

    Their are some beautiful and amazing Barack Obama designs.
    History has been made. check out my line of products.:-)))))

  3. Elenne Says:

  4. Darryl Hill Says:

    I have designed a nice Obama tee please check it out.

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