Welcome UK Zazzlers!


Last night (well, early morning if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic) Zazzle launched Zazzle.co.uk, our first international offering! Now our UK customers and contributors can create, sell, shop and more, in a version of Zazzle that is optimized for them (think pounds instead of dollars and more culturally relevant content). Check out Zazzle.co.uk! Below are some UK products in honor of the UK launch.

UK skateboard the who button I love the UK t-shirt

Also, if you a designer from the UK, there is a Zazzle UK launch contest going on around designs for Zazzle.co.uk. Check it out, enter and you could win up to 2500 pounds sterling!

Learn more about Zazzle UK products like cards, t-shirts, holiday gifts, custom t-shirts, business cards, and Christmas cards.


6 Responses to “Welcome UK Zazzlers!”

  1. Swazzle Says:

    Welcome to Zazzle!

  2. Zazzle Launches Zazzle UK Says:

    [...] more information check out the Zazzle UK press release. the Zazzle Blog or visit Zazzle [...]

  3. NADIRA Says:

    Congrat… on ur new launch

  4. Fairywoods Says:

    Great idea!

  5. Tiny Stone Says:

    Hello UK Zazzlers

  6. rosanna39 Says:

    new here hello from the uk :)

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