Union Eight – The First Zazzle Co-op


Today a collection of Zazzle contributors (eight to be exact) started a very interesting cooperative called Union Eight. Using their talents in different areas, these members have banded together to maximize their exposure and potentially increase the sales of their Zazzle products. This is a great idea! With each member playing to his or her strengths, there is no telling what this group will accomplish. Check out the Union Eight gallery on Zazzle to see all the members of the organization.

Union 8 Sticker

If you want to start your own cooperative to become a collaboratin’ contributor then get the conversation started in the Zazzle Forums!


4 Responses to “Union Eight – The First Zazzle Co-op”

  1. Rooky Says:

    Zazzlers United already accomplished this months ago….

  2. Jamiecreates1 Says:

    Very nice collaboration gallery, but definitely not the first…. How about
    Insomniacs and The Artist’s Cafe… just to name a few more… :o)

  3. brev87 Says:

    Who cares who started it, great idea and good for them!!!

  4. Jamiecreates1 Says:

    Hey brev.. I gave them kudos……Their gallery looks GREAT.. Just like the Insomniacs and The Artist’s Cafe! Simply making a correction.. the title says it’s the first.. It is not.. plain and simple…

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