Union 8: Strength in Numbers



This week marks the soft launch of Zazzle’s first cooperative selling group, Union Eight.  Led by the infamous Sheryl Graham, the group is comprised of successful POD sellers with a range of talents, including graphic design, marketing, engineering and management.

Union Eight’s goal is to hit the market through a variety of niches – check it out at their website www.unioneight.com!

The group has one main Union Eight store and each seller has their own hubstore, featuring portals to their niche stores.  Curious buyers experience a kind of department store shopping experience, strolling from vegetarian gifts to custom shoes in just a few clicks.

It’s bold, it’s experimental, and it’s just in time for the holidays.

Good luck and congratulations to Union 8 for all their time, effort and boundless enthusiasm for selling on Zazzle!


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