10 Billionth Product on Zazzle!


You read that title right; as of 8:39am today, we now have 10 BILLION products on Zazzle (please read that last part in a Dr. Evil voice). So what was the 10 billionth product? None other than thecuteinstitute’s mini pirate t-shirt! Check out the shirt below. This shirt shall live on in the halls of Zazzle History forever, or at least until we hit the 100 billion product mark. Thanks to all the contributors that submitted artwork and continue to do so, you’ve helped to make Zazzle into an amazing company.

Pirate t-shirt

PS – if we hit 100 billion products by tonight our CEO said he would throw an ice cream party for everyone! So…GET DESIGNING I WANT ROCKY ROAD!


6 Responses to “10 Billionth Product on Zazzle!”

  1. Swazzle Says:

    Wow! 10 billion, congrats to you and all the sellers!

  2. Giskard Says:

    10 billion products!!! that’s more than one product for each human on the planet!!!.. I just realized the size of the competion I have jajaja

  3. tricia-rennea Says:

    Hey…and my CandyGallery recently is up to 1,500….so see, I helped :)

  4. Caza Creations Says:

    Carl Sagan would be impressed.

  5. Island Flava Says:

    Wow! thats great! I hope we can reach 100 billion! thats if it isnt reached already! Awesome work guys!

  6. the cute institute Says:

    wooohoooo! cheers!


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