Zero to 100 in 30 seconds!


qpc_smallI drive a hybrid and pride myself on getting amazing mileage (52MPG lifetime, baby!). To accomplish this, I drive…well…slow. I go under the speed limit and stay in the right lane. Works for me…I’m a laid back guy who takes life slowly and casually.

But there is one place where I welcome a little high speed action. And that’s in creating products on Zazzle! Introducing Quick Product Create!

Yes, now it’s easy to create up to 100 products instantly. Quick Product Create (or QPC) is a simple three step wizard that allows you to create multiple products using selections of related products (all products, dark apparel, paper products, etc.) from the Zazzle Default Products menu, or from one of your own Product Lines that contain matching product templates.

Design for success

The first thing you need is a design you plan to put on many products. Typically, this is in the form of an image (a JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.) Since this one design will be blasted on several products, you should design it with that in mind. Here are some hints:

  • Create the image at the highest resolution you can. Since this image will be placed on several products at differing sizes, it’s best to make sure it’s of sufficient size and quality so it will print properly on most products. Visit our image guidelines page for more information on image resolution.
  • Think about colors. If your design only works on a dark background, you will have to make sure the products you put it on are dark. One trick I’ve seen many contributors do is to outline a design in either black or white. In other words, a design that only works on a white or light background can work on all backgrounds if a white or light outline is added around it.
  • Think about shape. A long rectangular design can look great on many products (full wrap mugs, ties, t-shirts), but may not work well on others (buttons, magnets, stamps). If your design is not suitable for some merchandise, be sure to remove those items from the set of products you publish.

Ok, so I have my design. I’m going to use this “Get outta my grill” image I made a while back.


The original is a high resolution PNG file, so it should work fine for most products.

Place it!

Ok, got my image. Now I need to start the Quick Product Create process by going to When you start, you see this dialog pop up:


Click the dropdown arrow in Step 1 to see what options you have:


As you can see, there are some default Zazzle Product Lines you can choose from. These currently include:

  • All Products
  • All Non-apparel
  • Apparel only
  • Dark Apparel Only
  • Light Apparel Only
  • Paper Products

If you have previously created a Product Line in your gallery that contains template products, it will show up here as well under My Product Lines. This way you can pre-define a custom set of products that you create often. Rob has written a great post about how to create your own Product Lines for Quick Product Create. Advanced users, read all about it here!

I’ll choose All Products since it contains a nice mix of t-shirts, cards, stamps, mugs, and other products.


Once you select a Product Line, you will see that you can change the default image in Step 2. Click the link that says “Change”, and you will see all your Zazzle images, or you can upload a new one. Here, I’ve selected my “Get outta my grill” image.


In Step 3 you will notice that you have the option to change the default fit/fill mode to one of three options:

  1. Use template defaults (uses whatever the product template was designed with. Could be either fit or fill.)
  2. Fit (makes sure your entire image is visible in the product’s design area – no cropping)
  3. Fill (fills the entire product’s design area. Cropping may occur)

For most cases, using the default should be fine.

Ok…click Create Products…


Now I have a grid of 33 products with my design!


Sweet! Now all I have to do is check to make sure all products look their best. If something needs to be tweaked, there are ways to do that on a per-product basis. For example, the first sticker in the grid looks a bit tight. Looks like my design is getting a little cut off. Luckily, we have controls you can use right above each product:


  • Edit options – This opens a dialog with product options (sizes, styles, product views)
  • Customize - This brings up a mini design tool in a dialog where I can move things around, add images or text, change sizes, etc.
  • Delete - Removes the product from the set of products you are creating with Quick Product Create.

Since the image on the sticker is a bit too big and is getting cut off, I need to shrink it. To do so, I click the “customize” link above my sticker product and shrink the image with the “resize” tool in the mini design tool.

Details, details, details

Now all my products look good and I’m ready to continue, so I click Next. I’m presented with a screen that is very similar to our Post For Sale page. You need to fill out all the information for these products, including title, description, tags, royalty percentage, etc. Required fields have a red asterisk next to them.


Most of these options are pretty self explanatory. However, there is a dropdown labeled “Quick Create Product Options”. Let me explain the options.


Most of the time, you are simply going to select the default option “Products to sell” because that’s what you are doing…creating products to sell.

However, if you want to make products to sell that are templates (so buyers can easily change text or images), you would select the second option, “Templates for sale”. This ensures that all fields marked as a template will remain a template when posted for sale. For more on how to create templates, see my previous post, More than just embroidery…

The third option, “Templates for reuse for quick create” is an advanced option for people who want to create a new set of products to use the next time they use Quick Product Create. This new Product Line would show up in the Step 1 dropdown under My Product Lines. As I mentioned before, Rob’s post explains how to do this.


Click Post It and you’re done! All products are now queued up for creation. This takes anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. If you have postage or shoes in your Product Line, expect those products to appear in the Product Line closer to the 24 hour limit since those products need to be approved before they get posted.

Helpful hints

  • You can have up to 100 products posted at once. If you want more products, repeat the process after you create your first grid of products by clicking on the Create More button at the top of the first page, or at the end of the process you can click the Do It Again button.
  • There are checkboxes next to each product created in the grid. Use these to select multiple products that you want to remove from the grid. At the top of the grid, click “Delete selected” to remove them. Use these to select individual products that you want to remove from your Product Line.  To select multiple products, it’s often faster to use the “Select all” link at the top of the page and de-select those products you’d like to keep.
  • Always be sure to check your design on all the products in your grid before moving to the next step. You don’t want to post a product where the image is cut off or not positioned properly.
  • Quick Product Create puts all products you create in one Product Line. Select an existing Product Line when posting for sale, or create an entirely new Product Line based on the design. For example, with the image I used above, I could create a Product Line called “Get outta my grill!” and post all these products there. Many successful contributors organize their galleries by design.

That’s all I have for now…happy creating!

5 Responses to “Zero to 100 in 30 seconds!”

  1. Business Entrepreneur Says:

    Great content! I just came across your blog and actually read your posts! I wish you would post more often. It is hard to find good informative blog like yours! Thanks for the information. – Versa

  2. ASRJAVAN Says:

    Nice Work….

  3. Big Shiny Day Says:

    wow — Just saw this today — been waiting for something like this! Thanks so much!

    Is there a way to access QPC from the zazzle home page?

  4. sxoop Says:

    4. Submit all domain names where images will be downloaded by Zazzle for your use of the API.
    Images can only be downloaded from authorized domains that you specify.

    How do I do this? Where is the link?

  5. Steve V McInnis Says:

    WOW!!! I’m new to Zazzle and learning a little everyday. Your info is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

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