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Did you get your holiday cards yet?

December 5, 2008

The holiday season is here! Did you get your holiday cards yet? There are millions of great Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, Kwanzaa cards and more on Zazzle waiting for your custom photos and text! Check out some of my favorites below.

holiday card from Zazzle Hanukkah card from Zazzle kwanzaa card from Zazzle

disney holiday card snow holiday card template from Zazzle funny holiday card from Zazzle

Don’t forget, if you order your holiday cards by this weekend you’ll save 50% on your card order. Check out the holiday cards page for more information. Also get your holiday postage to match your cards!

candy cane postage hsus christmas postage silent night stamp

Learn more about winter holiday cards, Disney holiday cards and Christmas postage at Zazzle.


Mozilla Community Gear on Zazzle

December 4, 2008

Check out the new Mozilla gallery on Zazzle! Mozilla, the makers of the popular Firefox browser, have joined Zazzle to offer Mozilla inspired artist-submitted designs on t-shirts! Now you can get Firefox t-shirts, Thunderbird t-shirts and other great Mozilla gear all in one place (and customize it!). Check out some of my favorites below. Also, learn how to submit your own design to Mozilla at the Mozilla Community Store page .

mozilla firefox t-shirts firefox dark t-shirt firefox distressed t-shirt


Zazzle Gets Props As One of Internet Retailer's Hot 100 Best Retail Websites

December 3, 2008


Sweet!  Not only are you a Zazzle seller – utilizing the most cutting edge technology available in POD – on top of that, your customers are receiving award-winning service!

Check it out:

“ Inc. keeps shoppers coming back to see what’s new with ways to  ustomize products, and not just by printing images on T-shirts, mugs and posters. The web-only retailer added custom shoe design in April, custom skateboards in August and embroidered design services in October. Adding new products and services isn’t just a marketing ploy, says Bobby Beaver, co-founder and chief technology officer. “It’s blowing away the assumption that customization is just printing on products,” he says. The custom shoe product line was developed in conjunction with Keds, a division of The Stride Rite Corp.

Shoppers can design their own sneakers online from scratch or choose from existing designs and color  options. They can build their sneakers at the Keds Studio, located on, or at Zazzle hosts the software consumers use to design their creations and manufactures the shoes.
The skateboard product line was developed by Zazzle’s engineering team and Andy Howell, a former pro skateboarder and founder of Artsprojekt, a unit of Zazzle. Artsprojekt produces skateboards with Zazzle designs or designs provided by the customer, within 24 hours of ordering. also introduced its redesigned web site last summer, using a black and gray color scheme to help color images of products stand out more sharply and grab shoppers’ attention. The retailer also has partnerships with Walt Disney Co. and LucasFilms Ltd. so that visitors to can use licensed images of characters like Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader in their designs. A deal with wedding services e-retailer offers custom wedding  postage for announcements and invitations via a tab on

“This site is personalization at its best,” says Georgianne Brown, managing partner at Big Couch Media Group and president and CEO of, a web broadcast and social network for pet lovers. “They use their positioning as infinite and instant, which tells me they have a pretty wide selection and that I’m going to get my order quickly. Zazzle is leveraging the latest on-demand publishing technology and offering a platform for anyone”

Squidoo and Zazzle Team Up!

December 2, 2008

Increase your exposure with the new Zazzle Squidoo Lens Builder! In just a few minutes you can create a free Squidoo Lens (like a website for your designs and interests) with your Zazzle handle automatically pre-populated with your gallery’s products! This is a great way to increase traffic to your gallery and introduce your products to an enormous new community. Check out the Zazzle Squidoo Lens Builder now and create your lens faster than you can say “Wonder Twins power activate! Form of awesome new selling tool!”

Squdioo and Zazzle Exp

Share your newly created Zazzle Squidoo Lens in the Zazzle Forums >>

After you’re hooked on the Squidoo experience, you might want to check out the Squidoo gallery for great merchandise like Squidoo t-shirts, Squidoo mugs, Squidoo stickers, Squidoo mousepads and more. They make great holiday gifts for those Squidoo Lovers in your life! Did I mention we even have Squidoo shoes for those Giant Squids out there?

squidoo t-shirt squidoo mousepad squidoo shoe

Learn more about Squidoo hats, Squidoo ties, Squidoo bags and more at Zazzle.


World AIDS Day

December 1, 2008

Today is World AIDS day, and Zazzle and Edun Live have partnered to offer exclusive World AIDS Day t-shirt designs in support of the day’s 20th anniversary. 20% of all sales from these designs will benefit the ALAFA which provides education, prevention and health programs to HIV positive workers in Lesotho, Africa. So check out the shirts below and do your part to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in the world.

world aids day t-shirt edun t-shirt edun live t-shirt



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