Obama Presidency – Day 1


Today is the first day of 44th President’s term and already there are tons of products in the Zazzle marketplace to commemorate the occasion. Just look at a small sample of Obama t-shirts that were created TODAY to honor Barack and his new presidency (there are a lot more…).

obama 44 t-shirt obama one america t-shirt obama hope 44 t-shirt

obama computer watched t-shirt inauguration I was there t-shirt obama history was made t-shirt

Also, in true Zazzle customize-the-world fashion, we’ve partnered with Paste Magazine to give you the Obamiconme generator that will turn your image into one of those iconic Obama designs that was so popular during the election and then allow you to get that design on products! Check it out at Paste Magazine’s Obamiconme site to have your personalized piece of this historic event.

obamicon mug

One final note, when the election first began, I was stunned by the passion and excitement people expressed in t-shirts, hats, and buttons putting countless hours into designs that represented their ideals. Today, we’ve see the culmination of this passion in an explosion of Zazzle creations unlike anything in Zazzle’s history. This election has been exciting to watch both as a voter and as someone that loves the creative fire that Zazzle has empowered artists to share with the world. Thank you to everyone that has helped make this election special for Zazzle and beyond.


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