Introducing LABz Elite Edition 0001 and Design Contest


Say hello to the Neon Dreams shirt, LABz Elite Edition product 001!

neon dreams mens t-shirt neon dreams womens t-shirt

Whoa rewind, what’s ARTSPROJEKT LABz and what’s an Elite Edition product? ARTSPROJEKT LABz is the first-ever experimental design lab for artists, designers, and brands. It’s ColLABzoration between imaginative geniuses and technological wizards that produces an exclusive, limited run product called LABz Elite Edition! This first product, Neon Dreams, was a little bit ARTSPROJEKT, LUCA Ionescu (designer), Drifter apparel, and of course just a dash of powered by Zazzle. To learn more, check out the video from ARTSPROJEKT Founder Andy Howell below.

On top of the launch of Elite Edition 0001, the ARTSPROJEKT team is calling for artists to enter the BREAKOUT EDITION design challenge. Invent the new standard in fashion by submitting your crazy, insane, over the top designs to the BREAKOUT EDITION challenge. Ten winners will be chosen from each contest and if you win, your design will be sold in the LABz BREAKOUT EDITIONS Gallery and could also be featured in high profile retail stores. Enter the contest and show off your elite design talent.

Enter the contest here »

Other cool shots of Neon Dreams T-Shirt:


Learn more about Luca Ionescu t-shirts, Luca Ionescu skateboards, Luca Ionescu hats and more at Zazzle.

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