Renew Your Zazzle Gallery


I just finished reading a little article with great tips for first-time Zazzlers and it got me thinking… now is really the best time to be renewing and rebuilding your Zazzle store. With continued growth in the Zazzle marketplace and great seller tools (more coming this year), it only makes sense that you, your mom, and even your half-sister you only see on the weekends should be getting every idea possible onto Zazzle products. I’ve even started to make a plan for the weekends to create some great new products. Here are some helpful tips from the article (and my head) that can get you started in the right direction this year.

  1. Always keep a scrap of paper with you – an idea can strike at any time and by writing it down, you’ll be sure to have it for later when you can use it.
  2. Pick a user name that reflects your store – if you’re only going to sell wedding postage you might want to name your store something like “wedingpostagestore” so that customers know they’re in the right place.
  3. Put your idea on everything that applies – Use quick product create to put your design on every product that is appropriate. This will make sure the customer has the best chance of finding your design on a product they like.
  4. Organize it – Make sure that you organize your store so that it’s easy for the customers who want funny t-shirts to find those t-shirts and the customers who want Valentine’s Day gifts to find those as well.
  5. Don’t be shy, tell the world – Use the “link to this” tool to show off your Zazzle products on your blog and in forums or email them to friends. The more people you tell about your Zazzle store, the more products you’ll sell!

There are more great ideas to sell your amazing Zazzle products in the Sell Section of Zazzle. Check it and make your gallery the best it can be.


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