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One Step Closer To His Dream

January 19, 2009
I have a dream speach

Shop Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prints at the Zazzle Hulton Archive

Today, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has a special feeling to it unlike any MLK day in recent history because today is also the inauguration eve of the first African-American President. I can’t help but think that regardless of our political or religious views, we’ve taken a large step closer to the vision that Dr. King dreamed for this country. On Inauguration Day we will prove to the world that equality for all people is not just an idea, but a truth, evident by the example of Barack Obama. It is an exciting time to be an American and this has to be one of the best birthday gifts Dr. King has ever received.


Beyond Business Cards

January 17, 2009

Traditionally, business cards are used for, well, business, as the name might suggest.  :)  They’re valuable tools in the realms of networking, company perception, and of course, ensuring your new found connection can contact you tomorrow!

Is a business card an important part of a successful Zazzle business?  Absolutely!

Not only are you better equipped to network, but the business card is tangible proof of the amazing quality and variety available at Zazzle.  To present your business as cutting edge or unique, choose the skinny or chubby card and go for the gold stock – why not? :)  You’re blingin’ and you know it.

If you can’t think of a business card design on your own, browse the Zazzle templates – and be sure to add your own logo, if you have one!  Here are a few examples:


But business cards aren’t just for business anymore.  Take business cards in Japan, for example; cards here are also used socially, with teenagers and adults exchanging business cards at the most casual of gatherings.  Trading business cards is almost like a game, with business card storage containers featuring prominently in any stationary or luggage shop, nationwide.

There are innumerable ways business cards can contribute to the success of your Zazzle store.  Here are a few alternative uses of the cards:

1. Design a skinny card to look like a coupon and promote a discount at your store.  Whenever you have a seasonal sale on your items, print up a bunch of skinny cards to hand out at work, at the gym, at family functions, or a random encounter in an elevator!

2. Use the chubby card to go into greater detail about your business.  What’s your business creed, what demographic do you speak to, is there an interesting story behind the birth of your business?

3. Use the chubby card to display your designs or photos as a mini-portfolio

4. Product line ideas to stock in your store:

  • Collectible cards
  • Sport cards
  • Recipe cards

Zazzle is currently having a 50% off sale on all types of businesscards:  visit

Promote the discount to your database of buyers or use it for your own business before the deal ends!

Best of Luck!

Inauguration Weekend Shirt Sale!

January 16, 2009

The inauguration is here and what better way to celebrate the swearing in of our 44th President than with $4.40 off all t-shirts! To me there’s nothing more American that fresh apple pie and t-shirts, so be an American, get a t-shirt and eat some pie. Some recent Obama inspired t-shirts are below:

Shop all t-shirts or create a custom t-shirt now!

Use code 440SHIRTSALE on the cart page to ensure you get the discount.

obama face t-shirt brown hillary secretary of state t-shirt obama 44 t-shirt


Inauguration Party Essentials, Gear, Gifts and More

January 12, 2009

The Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama, is just over a week away and there are all kinds of great new designs in the Zazzle marketplace that commemorate this historic occasion. There’s everything from Obama mugs (for that speech out in COLD Washington D.C.), Obama cards (for inviting people to your inauguration party), Obama t-shirts (to wear your Obama pride) and even Obama shoes! Check out all the great inauguration gifts and more at the Obama Inauguration Center.

obama t-shirt obama mug obama shoe

Also, you too can participate in history by adding your text to great Obama t-shirts and make a truly unique memory for yourself or others.

obama history


Official Jackass T-shirts

January 9, 2009

Thanks to our partnership with Artsprojekt, MTV’s Jackass is now on Zazzle! The Jackass crew is renowned for creating television that’s as funny as it is crazy (think someone banging his head against a wall to music with half-naked men dancing behind him) and they’ve brought that same passion to Zazzle with products that will excite and possibly offend all at once. Check out all the Jackass t-shirts, Wildboyz t-shirts, Big Brother t-shirts and Jackassworld t-shirts at the new official Jackassworld store. Some of my favorites below.

jackass t-shirt dickhouse t-shirt jackass logo t-shirt
wildboyz t-shirt afro skull jackass t-shirt jackass world t-shirt

Playoff Powered Shirts

January 6, 2009

To continue my playoff rant (can you tell I love football?), I introduce to you the playoff powered Zazzle galleries! We’ve got galleries from all your favorite pros in the playoffs RIGHT NOW! Get football t-shirts, football hats, and more from Baltimore LB Bart Scott, Tennessee WR Brandon Jones, San Diego DE Luis Castillo and LB Shaun Phillips, Philadelphia DT Mike Patterson and WR Greg Lewis, Carolina S Chris Harris, and New York CB Corey Webster to show off your pride for your favorite playoff team and player (I recommend putting these designs on sweatshirts, cold-weather tailgating in a t-shirt can get difficult…). On top of this, Corey Webster and Chris Harris are donating partial proceeds of their Cardiac Cats t-shirts and G-Men at Work t-shirts to local community charities. So get a t-shirt, it’s good for the fans and good for the country! Check out all the playoff powered t-shirts below.

Philadelphia Pro WR Greg Lewis Official Gear bart scott official gear brandon jones t-shirt Shaun Phillips Gear

patterson t-shirt corey webster t-shirt cardiac cats t-shirt luis castillo t-shirt

Learn more about football bags, football posters, football stickers and more at Zazzle.


Wear Your Fantasy Football Championship!

January 5, 2009

Football season is now in playoff mode, and that means that most fantasy football leagues have sadly, come to an end. So, how did your fantasy team do? I am sure you dominated your league, and that means you deserve something special from Zazzle. We’ve teamed up with Coke Zero to offer the Coke Zero Fantasy Football Champion t-shirt (or hat)! Get yours today, it’s perfect for showing off your fantasy team season in style (I wear mine to work, it’s casual business casual). If you didn’t win your league, you can still get one of the shirts (it’s a fantasy league, so you can just pretend you won).

fantasy football t-shirt   fantasy football hat



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