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Sully is my Copilot T-Shirt

February 9, 2009

Last night, 60 Minutes had a segment on the hero pilot Sully and Flight 1549 with an unexpected special guest appearance of Zazzle! Check out the images below of Zazzler and crash survivor Michael L. who wore a Sully is my Copilot t-shirt to get signed by his hero at a reunion put together by the 60 Minutes team. This is a great example of the power of Zazzle to create products (quickly) that touch the heart and soul. Also, below is the shirt that Michael wore.




sully is my copilot t-shirt



February 6, 2009

There’s something in the air this Friday morning that makes me want to challenge everyone out there and I’ve got a good challenge for you indeed. I like to call this one the EMAIL CHALLENGE! I want you to email one of your products once a week for a year. Breathe! That’s only 52 emails for an entire year…. Now, I’m not talking about those mass everyone-in-the-address-book emails, with the note like “Hey everyone, check out my store!” I’m talking about a personal message, a heartfelt email. I’m talking about finding a product from your gallery that exactly matches the personality of someone you know with a personal message. Put a smile on a friend’s face, bring tears of joy to your sister’s eyes – create an email that is so emotionally powerful it is sure to have a response and can’t be ignored. It’s not hard to get started, just use the “Email This” feature on every product page (highlighted below) and send it off with your product and message. What’s the payoff? Well other than reconnecting with friends that you might otherwise ignore, you get to share your passion and creativity with the world. Just think… If that person shares it with another person who shares it with another person, pretty soon you’ll be getting the entire town of Spring Falls, Minnesota ordering your t-shirts! So share your Zazzle gallery, reconnect with friends, and maybe put a little extra cash into your pocket.

Email this Zazzle feature

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Get Your Digital TV Tunas!

February 5, 2009
tv test pattern t-shirt

I just read that Congress voted to delay the switchover from analog to digital TV signals. So come June 12, the man will begin sending scramble patterns to all those analog TV sets all over the US, and the only way to be sure not to lose your signal is to get a digital TV Tuner (or as one of our contributors calls it, a Digital TV Tuna). Are you ready? I got my tuner a long time ago (there is no way I am going to miss the latest episode of the Golden Girls!) and at the same time decided to check out what cool TV t-shirts were floating around on Zazzle because I was on the subject. Check out some of my favs below.

ladies tv t-shirt digital tuna t-shirt analog tv t-shirt


Valentine’s Day Gifts from Zazzle

February 3, 2009

There’s only one way this V-day to make sure you’re declaring victory in the battle of love (we are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong!) and that is with a Zazzle custom gift! They are perfect for giving a great gift with a personal touch. I like the idea of using one of our custom morphing mugs to put your picture on it with a big ‘ol “I love you” caption so that when your significant other fills that mug with coffee they get a love surprise. When you really think about it, Zazzle Valentine’s Day gifts are sweeter than a box of chocolates, more personal than a hand written poem, and about 1 millionth the cost of a diamond bracelet. So get started creating your perfect Valentines gifts now! Some ideas are below to get you going.

valentine day shoes valentine mug true love t-shirt

valentine's day card valentine's day postage heart shape tie

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Pittsburgh Becomes Sixburgh

February 2, 2009

In a game for the history books, Pittsburgh triumphed over Arizona last night to become the first team to have six world championships to their name. To commemorate this event, the Zazzle community has created some great Sixburgh t-shirts, Sixburgh hats, Pittsburgh 6 t-shirts, Pittsburgh t-shirts and more! Check out some of my favorites below and then customize ‘em with your own name (even if your name is Ben Roeth-, Roethli-, Ben Roethli-Champion-berger).

pittsburgh six championships t-shirt pittsburgh six t-shirt sixburgh t-shirt

terrible 6 t-shirt Steel city pittsburgh t-shirt sixburgh pittsburgh t-shirt



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