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Pi Day Tomorrow

March 13, 2009

Are you ready for Einstein’s birthday and the most irrational day of the year!? Well this Saturday is the famous Pi Day which celebrates the number that just goes on and on and on and on (bless those mathletes that are trying to figure that number out). Of course if you’re not really into numbers you could say it is pie day too and I doubt that anyone would know the difference (I choose to celebrate it as lemon meringue pi day – figure that one out). Check out some of my favorite pie t-shirts and Pi day t-shirts below.

Learn more Pi Day magnets, Pi Day Mugs, Pi Day Mousepads, Pi Day hats, nerd t-shirts and more at Zazzle.


Zazzle on Star Wars

March 11, 2009

As part of our partnership with Star Wars, integrated a new custom Star Wars and Zazzle experience into yesterday (updated to include new products like Star Wars skateboards and Star Wars shoes)! It’s pretty cool to see all Zazzle custom Star Wars products on the Official Star Wars website. Also, they just published an article talking about the Zazzle and Star Wars offering with a very nice interview from our VP of Marketing (see below for a nugget that contributors might like).

Can you discuss the two types of shoes available, and will other styles become available at some point?

We currently offer women’s and kids KEDs shoes. We are hoping to have men’s shoes available very soon.

Read the entire article here. Just thought I would share :) Check out some of my favorite Zazzle Star Wars products below.

star wars vintage t-shirt star wars mousepads star wars t-shirt

Learn more about Star Wars Ties, Jedi T-Shirts, Clone Wars T-Shirts, and Star Wars Posters from Zazzle.


Tibet T-shirts

March 10, 2009

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the failed Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule and the escape of the Dalai Lama to India. It is a reminder of the struggle the Tibetan people still endure, most as exiles and few still living in oppressed Tibet. In honor of the suffering of the Tibetans, many contributors have created Free Tibet t-shirts, Free Tibet buttons and Free Tibet stickers to help spread awareness. Check out some of these designs below.

tibetan snow lions t-shirt dalai lama t-shirt free tibet t-shirt

free the lama t-shirt free tibet monk t-shirt free tibet ladies t-shirt

Also, support a Tibetan charity on Zazzle by purchasing a shirt from the Children of Tibet Trust Foundation. Some of their designs are featured below.

children of tibet t-shirt children of tibet card children of tibet stamp


Become a LABz Designer with the LABz Contest!

March 9, 2009

GET MOVING!!! This is the last week to get your submissions in for the Zazzle and ARTSPROJEKT LABz shirt design contest. Haven’t heard about it yet? Well it’s a contest all about using the Zazzle and ARTSPROJEKT LABz (or in-house R&D laboratory) to do some amazing new stuff with apparel (embroidery and print mixed, all-over printing, etc). This is the first LABz we’ve done and it has seen tons of great submissions. Take a look below for a small sample of the close to 1,000 designs already submitted.

If you want to get your design into the contest and earn a chance to win $1,000 and a bunch more great stuff, get over to LABz now. Remember YOUR DESIGN could shape the future of t-shirts at Zazzle, so get your design in, time is running out!

Enter the Contest »


Force The zBar!

March 6, 2009

Quick update!!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately about how to force the zBar every time you send someone to one of your product pages or your own store page. So I figured it would be best to post it here so you guys could spread the word! Here’s the deal, you need to read this post first (zBar – Do You Come Here Often?) just so you know how to build a basic referral link. IF you need to figure out what your associate ID is, simply click here ( and you will be prompted to log in, but once you do it will take you to a page with your Associate ID in bold.

OK, now that you know how to set up a referral link, you will have to append the follow snippet of code in order to force the zBar:

?zbar=true OR &zbar=true

Remember, the zBar only works when using the correct referral ID for the store you are referring traffic to, in addition to adding the ‘zBar’ code to your link .

Some of you have multiple stores and will have to make sure to use the right referral ID when linking to the right product pages and store pages.

This is what you links should look like:


And that’s basically it!

HSUS – Chimps Deserve Better

March 5, 2009

Some of you may have caught the ABC Nightline special on an undercover investigation into the abuse of chimpanzees at a Louisiana research facility. If not, you can view the story here (video is graphic). The HSUS has started a new campaign to bring an end to these activities with legislation in Congress and awareness-generating products on Zazzle. See below to learn more about the Chimps Deserve Better products and visit HSUS to learn more about how you can help.

chimps mugs chimps deserve better sticker chimps deserve better button


ShamROCK T-Shirts!

March 4, 2009

For those about to shamROCK we salute you! St. Patrick’s Day is going to rock this year partly because it rocks every year but also because I am going to be getting myself one of these awesome shamROCK t-shirts to show off my love for all things Irish and Rock. Of course if you’re not into the rock thing so much you might want to check out some of the other Shamrock t-shirts or Irish t-shirts Zazzle is rockin’ for St. Patrick’s Day (Hurry St. Patrick’s Day is only 13 days away!)

shamrock ladies t-shirt shamrock cafe shamrockin' t-shirt

ladies shamrockin' tshirt shamrock and roll t-shirt shamrock and roll men's t-shirt


New from Neopets

March 2, 2009

Check out what’s new from the Zazzle Neopets Collection! Until today, you could only get custom Neopets t-shirts from Zazzle (albeit the coolest and most awesomest t-shirts around), but now you can get everything from Neopets mugs to Neopets stickers! Check out all the new stuff at the new Neopets Store. Also we’ve got exclusive content from the new Neopets game, the Daily Dare. So get your Daily Dare t-shirt or Acara mug to bring your favorite Neopets character into the real world!

neopets t-shirt neopets mug neopets mousepad

Learn more about Neopets posters, Neopets buttons and Neopets birthday day cards from Zazzle.



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