Mass Customization Expert Frank Piller Speaks at Zazzle


Frank Piller, one of the leading academics in the field of mass customization, stopped by Zazzle for a little visit last week and to give a talk on mass customization. His talk focused on the idea of mass customization and theories that compel people to want customized products. He had some very interesting points about the importance of the experience of customizing a product and how that can be as important as the product itself. Of course, Dr. Piller had nothing but good things to say about Zazzle and our role as one of the leading mass customization companies. To read more about Dr. Piller’s visit to Zazzle check out his follow up blog post.

frank piller zazzle

Thanks Dr. Piller for stopping by and next time we’ll have a little video of it for our intrepid blog readers (camera was inoperable this time…sorry folks). If you want to take a Dr. Piller class, just head over to Germany where he is a professor of management at the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen University. I’m trying to get Zazzle to send me to the October sessions which has nothing to do with some kind of beer festival that happens in Germany, or so I’ve heard.


3 Responses to “Mass Customization Expert Frank Piller Speaks at Zazzle”

  1. makemoneywithpods Says:

    Awesome article and yes Please do try to get to his classes and then share the info with us gallery owners – :)

  2. NADIRA Says:

    good luck, getting zazzle to sponsor your trip to germany.

  3. Cherie Says:

    I dunno….but I think beer is quite essential for maintaining an open mind!

    Great article on the expert!***

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