Zazzle's Commitment to Sellers


Since yesterday morning, Zazzle HQ has been flooded with phone calls, emails, forum posts, blog posts, and tweets from our own Sellers and from the greater community inquiring about the Zazzle e-commerce platform – in particular, Zazzle’s Seller programs, policies and tools.

The concerned tone of many inquiries is understandable. We are living in uncertain times – the economy is in a deep recession, institutions we have trusted for years are now failing us, and many aspects of the future we planned for have been changed for the worse.

At Zazzle, we empathize with the struggles, risks, and rewards of creating a business that can sustain growth for long-term success. We take our responsibility as a business partner to heart and are passionate about investing in the tools, programs, and products that empower our community of Sellers to drive the rapid growth of independent businesses built on the Zazzle platform. Above all, Zazzle is passionate about earning and keeping the trust of our Sellers with program policies and practices that are aligned toward our mutual, long-term success.

Interested in Becoming a Zazzle Seller?

There has never been a better time to join the Zazzle Seller community and to start building your own business or, if you are already a valued member of our Seller community, to now double-down on your efforts and investment in the Zazzle platform. Here’s why…

IT’S FREE: Zazzle Doesn’t Charge You to Sell

Zazzle doesn’t charge its Sellers for any premium features or programs. We think that’s counterintuitive and counterproductive. Because each Seller contributes to the overall marketplace growth, everyone benefits from having more Sellers: customers enjoy more variety and Sellers have access to more customers. As such, we don’t believe in putting up any artificial barriers for you to join.

GET PAID: Zazzle Has the Best Earnings Program

Zazzle pays you top dollar to invest your valuable time in our platform and we respect your ongoing investment by not distinguishing between your Store and Marketplace sales. Grow your online earnings with Zazzle’s Seller Incentive Program features:

  • Price and earnings control on all products:
    Zazzle’s Name-Your-Royalty pricing system allows you to protect the value of your content, set earnings and the final sale price of each product, whether sold through your own Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace.
  • Generous 15% referral fees paid on all referred sales:
    Zazzle’s Associate Referral Program is a free program that allows you to earn referral fees on all sales you drive through qualified links – whether your own Store’s product or a third-party product from the Zazzle Marketplace. Choose from over 18 billion custom products and from premium, branded content.
  • Significant Volume Bonus and helpful ProSeller Programs
    The Zazzle Volume Bonus Program gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 32% of qualified sales (in addition to your product royalty) on sales through your Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace. Bonus tiers start at just $100. Sellers averaging just $100 in earnings for 3 consecutive months qualify for Zazzle’s ProSeller Program – a program designed to help you accelerate your earnings growth even more.
  • Earnings are subject to modest carve-outs in specific cases:
    Managing a fast-growing marketplace with customers, partners, and Sellers is highly-complex and incurs significant costs for ongoing administration and improvement. Referred sales and royalty rates in excess of 20% are subject to modest earning carve-outs. Learn More

GET PAID MORE: Grow Your Zazzle Business FAST with New Tools

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work developing the best tools and features for you to rapidly develop, launch, and grow your online Zazzle Stores, absolutely FREE:

  • Get your content on Zazzle, fast:
    Drag-and-drop thousands of images directly into your account with Zazzle’s Bulk Image Uploader for Windows. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s new flash-based Bulk Uploader allows Macs and PCs to upload hundreds of images to your account at a time!
  • Create Zazzle products quickly:
    Use Zazzle’s Quick Product Create (QPC) tool to create up to 100 products simultaneously. Use QPC in conjunction with Zazzle templates to rapidly create great-looking products. Coming very soon: Sku / Style filtering allows you to control the available styles for your Store’s custom products!
  • Control the look and feel of your Zazzle Store:
    The Zazzle zBar reduces the size of the standard Zazzle header to provide you with more space to highlight your own Store branding. The Zazzle Create API allows you to pass custom content to Zazzle products from your own site. The Zazzle Store Builder allows for easily featuring your Zazzle Store products on an external website. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s Advanced Store Customization Public Beta will allow for highly-flexible Store skinning using CSS and custom HTML!
  • Take advantage of Zazzle’s rapidly growing traffic: nearly tripled in traffic in the last 12 months and now has over 7.5 million unique visitors per month with no signs of slowing down ( is low, but is a good relative indicator of growth). Zazzle’s Google Base upload service streamlines the process of listing products in the Google search engine. Zazzle also recently launched a true localized website in the United Kingdom, optimizing the new domain implementation ( to enable Sellers to reach an important market of brand new customers. Coming soon: More localized international sites, more new customers!

Zazzle’s Technology-Driven Innovation = Sustainable Growth for Sellers

Zazzle offers Sellers the unbeatable combination of management integrity, aggressive earnings programs, and sustainable long-term growth through technology-driven product and software innovation. In 2008, Zazzle launched four brand-new, industry-recognized product lines: Business Cards and Profile Cards, Custom Keds Shoes, Custom Skateboards, and real on-demand Custom Embroidery. (And coming very soon: Pet Apparel!) Our unique ability to strategically launch new, highly-marketable custom products provides our Sellers with new revenue opportunities and access to different and growing markets. Zazzle is recognized as a technology leader in the mass customization space and was named to Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Best Retail Websites for 2009.

Zazzle’s Commitment to the Long-Term Success of our Sellers is Unwavering

If you’re already a Zazzle Seller, we hope you are as excited as we are for another successful year full of new features, tools, and custom products to help you grow your sales! If you are new to the Zazzle platform, welcome! You have found a great community of Sellers to join and there is no time like the present to start investing in a bright future with Zazzle as your partner.

What Do You Think?

We’d love to know your thoughts.  What makes a good platform partner?  What are the tools and features you’d like to see?  How about new products?  Are you as excited as we are about the possibilities, and what’s to come?  Let us know by posting a comment!

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30 Responses to “Zazzle's Commitment to Sellers”

  1. Important Seller Blog Post « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] Continue Reading on the Seller Blog [...]

  2. Shirley Says:

    Great job, Zazzle! I’m proud to be a member of such a fine community of artists, and very excited to be able to see Zazzle become the number one POD in the country. Keep up the great work!

  3. Michigal Says:

    I have been with Zazzle for well over a year now, and I can’t say enough how grateful I am that I am here, now especially with the recent development at another POD. I highly recommend Zazzle to those shopkeepers looking for another basket for their eggs. New pet apparel soon? I look forward to it! Thanks Zazzle!

  4. tricia-rennea Says:

    I want to thank you for this.

  5. OHGEEZ Says:

    We are very excited to be affiliated with a company that offers one of the best royalty and referal programs in the industry.

    Great Job Zazzle, may you continue to grow and prosper.

  6. Dee Says:

    I am posting a bunch of flower pics for Mother’s Day, etc., and was thinking how nice it would be to be able to make a whole bunch of products at once. You wouldn’t believe the time it takes to do each product separately. Lo and behold, I stumbled on the Quick Product Create — Fantastic — except, why some of my images don’t fill the area. Most do, but some don’t. For example there are two key chains, one is filled with the image, the other isn’t. I don’t know if I’m making two key chains the same or what is going on. Same for stickers and magnets. Also it’s not easy to see the difference between a card and a postcard. Also the crop feature doesn’t seem to be working today. Maybe I checked the wrong thing? Anyway, basically I’m thrilled.

    Regarding tiling for ties — I’d prefer to make my own tile or pattern and not have Zazzle make it. The ones Zazzle makes have lines, bad seams etc. Any options coming soon for this?

  7. smallhands Says:

    thank god for zazzle and their wonderful commitment to the artists and t-shirt designers here – i feel very supported and appreciative of your commission and bonus program.

    i heart zazzle!!

  8. The Spotted Olive Says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful communication and commitment to your shopkeepers. Looks like some exciting developments here at Zazzle to look forward to in the near future! I am very happy to be a part of this POD as I think it is the best in the business! Great products, super design tools and fantastic incentive programs for sellers. Thank you so much!

  9. ashroc Says:

    i love being on zazzle. Its great fun, the community is fantastic and I am selling my images! how cool is that! The tools are easy to use to create products and establish your own look for your gallery. It would be good for customers to be able to purchase some bags though. as these have been out of stock for some time.

  10. EUPxy Says:

    I’m still shocked and dismayed by the lack of corporate ethics at CP. Not only are Zazzle’s products of higher quality, the site and people are far superior as well. I for one consider myself blessed to be a long time customer of Zazzle. Everyone at Zazzle should give themselves a big pat on the back. You won’t have to destroy CP, they’re doing a great job of it themselves.

    Hope you can sleep well at night, CafePress.


  11. Ricaso Graphics Says:

    I think the future looks very bright at zazzle .. and I’m excited and proud to be a part of such a great site .. zazzle is second to none .. for both customers and shopkeepers .. I don’t know which part of the blog I’m more excited about .. new products .. more customization options … the style filtering ..

    I’d love to see some more paper products .. different size cards ( tall thin ones and large ) .. cards other then glossy would be great too .. and some long sleeved shirts for guys ..not forgetting guys keds … my list could go on and on lol … zazzle and the zazzle team ( especially Eric ) rock big time ..

    Heres to the future :)

  12. looking for solutions Says:

    I am a fine artist and currently have a tiny presence on Zazzle and large one on cp since 2004. I create very specialized artwork for a niche market, some items taking me hundreds of hours for which I charge a large markup, and deservedly so! I cannot accept the paycut that will happen with cp’s new changes, as it will put me out of business; so I’ve decided to try to migrate to Zazzle.

    – Most important to me would be to have the ability to make sections and subsections more visible and accessible on my main gallery pages, and the ability to add custom images to these sections. This will make it easier for my clients to get to the specific design they want without having to search the page for small text and do a lot of scrolling. Custom html pretty please!

    – It would be great to have a feature that would allow the shopkeeper to duplicate a section for similar designs, then go in and change the images and text all at once. Bulk edit tools would be greatly appreciated.

    – Easy linking of galleries of similar themes would be great. For payment purposes, I would like to have commissions for all of my galleries combined, and receive one check for them.

    – New product suggestions – would LOVE to see you carry clocks like the ones cp has and if you can get them with a white rim as well as black it would be even better. Also doing bulk ‘packs’ of magnets and buttons would be great in terms of price setting for the shopkeeper, allowing us to make a decent amount on a single button, while not being outrageous on larger bulk orders.

    – Private Galleries – I do a lot of personalized custom designs with personal information on them, and would love to be able to send my client to their personal product without it appearing in the marketplace – a private or ‘hidden’ gallery with hidden products would be perfect.

    – Markups – the ability to choose a specific dollar markup instead of percentage would be nice, although I understand with the current interface and ability for customers to choose a different shirt, for example, with the same design, may make it confusing and not necessarily in the best interest of the shopkeeper. The only way I can see a specific dollar markup working would be to have a spreadsheet with the different permutations of all possible base prices, then have the shopkeeper indicate their markup for every single one – this may be unrealistic!

    Thank you so very much!

  13. Got CPeed on Says:

    Im glad You guys exist!!

  14. DocPixel Says:

    I’ve been with Zazzle for over a year, and have nothing but good to say about being a Zazzle seller. Welcome to all the new ones!

    • Laz Says:

      I have a question, I’m thinking of using Zazzleand I’m still a bit confused about the royalties? Would you explain it to me and do they take a percentage of what you sell? My other question is, when you put for example like my work is art photography do you control were you want to use your design in? Thank you so much, if you can help me out on this. Laz

  15. ZazzleDave Says:

    I’m on the physical products team here. Awesome feedback on product ideas….please keep them coming!

  16. Kerridwen Says:

    I’m a CPer strongly considering immigrating to Zazzle. I heard that Zazzle has not always allowed designers to set their own royalty.

    Is it possible for an official representative or employee in a leadership position to assure us that Zazzle will CONTINUE to give us this option for a set time (ie the next two years)? This seems like a wonderful community, but CP seemed that way to me, too (in the beginning), and it would be devastating if I invested hours into making the switch to Zazzle only to discover that you decided it was in your business interest to impose a set royalty.

    Thank you for thinking about this.

  17. Thalia Says:

    My biggest sellers over on CP (which I would VERY MUCH like to leave) are the tile products (esp the framed tile), the journals, and the rectangular magnets and stickers, none of which you currently offer here.


  18. Liz Van Steenburgh Says:

    I, too, would like to see some more paper products, such as journals, notebooks (maybe like the composition style notebook), bookmarkers, reusable grocery bags (in addition to the totes). It seems we do a fairly good wedding business here, I’d like to see a few more items that can be personalized as wedding attendant gifts … maybe something like money clips, jewelery bags or boxes, etc. In these tough economic times, I think people are more likely to buy items that serve a useful purpose (at least I do!). It would also be nice to have an easy way to open a new store and move products around. Ok, I better stop now. Thanks for the opportunity to earn money doing something I love!

  19. zazzlerocks Says:

    I am very pleased to see Zazzle’s response to the goings on elsewhere and the fact that THEY understand the huge and unacceptable impact it will have on so many designers. I was also happy to read that Zazzle understands this is a two way street and that to get and keep quality designs to go with quality product, you have to either “pay” well or allow the artists to choose their “pay” rate. I am a Pro level seller here and a top shopkeeper there, although I haven’t had any crossover between designs since I felt it was essentially competing with myself. However I will now be working on bringing over a lot of my designs to Zazzle, since the small amount of money I can make elsewhere isn’t only too little to make the time and effort worthwhile, but it also a huge insult. It also made me question the long term viablity of the business which I had hoped to make my only “job” within a year.

    I would *LOVE* to see ornaments. They don’t need to be the same item as available elsewhere, but something similar in price, quality (or better) and style. I sell a LOT of them at Christmas, and I know others do also. I’d be willing to bet some shopkeepers would be willing to give you numbers if you started a thread on the forums if you want to see numbers. I have designs made just for them, and would really like to bring those designs here.

    I would also like to see a way to use a gallery a little more like a premium shop elsewhere. I have a few large shops (about 64,000 and 130,000 products respectively) there, and I can’t find a way to make the current gallery setup work well for me. I have seperate galleries started, but I’d really like to have them all together. Due to the shop size limit elsewhere, I can see that this may not be possible. If not, a way to link the galleries for commission payments (so each one didn’t have to meet the minimum, the royalties from them would be added together) would be a good compromise.

  20. WeddingDesigns Says:

    With the popularity of wedding cards and postage on this site, I think a great addition would be matte finish cards. If you look at most of the wedding stationary available in the market, very little of it is glossy. It adds an elegant touch and I think would lead to more repeat customers. Thanks for considering the suggestion :)

  21. TSHIRT ENTREPRENEUR ONLINE » Zazzle Jumps To Reassure Partners On Heals Of Cafepress Changes Says:

    [...] entire post can be read on the Seller Blog and includes items like plans [...]

  22. Moccasinman Says:

    The nerds who control the content on product are hung up on their role and have control issues. They are not very consistent in their enforcement role and this stymies creativity. They seem to operate from the same fear base that destroyed our national economy and nearly our country.

    It is time for a new Zazzle company that is fair and who shares more profit with the people who create new product. The web managers and company administrators get a vastly disproportionate income as compared to the people who create new items.

  23. Shannon Says:

    How about more ways to organize big stores so all of our designs can be found easily? That would rock. Also I am not a big fan of that whole api bulk upload concept that lets people flood the marketplace with junk designs featuring weird kid names. Please put more efforts into helping out the shopkeepers who put effort into each and every design they do.

    When I go shopping online I am not looking for junk I could do on ms word in 3 seconds I am looking for something original and good. As a shopkeeper I try to provide that.

  24. Caza Creations Says:

    It’s great that Zazzle is there to pick up the the slack created by Cafepress’ sudden changes. However, I caution everyone to not take anything for granted in the POD world. Somewhere down the road, even Zazzle could do an about face. I hope that day doesn’t come but it would not be out of the realm of possibility. Until then, I am happy to be here. :)

  25. CherylsArt Says:

    I am so glad to see that canvas bags are available again. Will the links that we made be automatically updated. I have a whole Squidoo lens devoted to canvas bags and also have some posted elsewhere too. Will you be able to update the links internally or will sellers have to update the links? I know that the picture links of postage stamps automatically get updated when the price of postage changes. So my hope is that the update will be automatic for the canvas bags as well.

    Also nice would be peel and seal envelopes. When brides have a lot of wedding invitations to go out, many of them like the ease of peel and seal.

    An activity that I used to do as a kid was painting pre-printed table cloths. I already have lots of color in designs that would work great for this. Of course, any design could be printed on table cloths. It would be great to have the options of the design(s) going around the border, and/or fit in the corners. Around 6 inches from the edge would probably be an overall good placement, range.

    And thank you Zazzle for your time and commitment.

  26. Sara Says:

    I am new to Zazzle and the online marketplace concept, and would like to start up a store, but I am still weary of some unanswered questions… First, how do taxes work through Zazzle? Does Zazzle withhold or is it up to me to mark down my income and fill out my own forms? Second, I understand the payment to the seller is received through the mail; how often does this happen- only when thresholds are met? What is the return policy regarding seller income, will I be billed if this happens? I apologize if these are ridiculous questions, I’m entirely new to this concept. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  27. Mike Talvensaari Says:

    Hello, I’m Director of Product Management here at Zazzle and I’d like to welcome all newcomers to Zazzle and thank our long time members for their kind words in these blog comments.

    For those of you not familiar with our powerful Quick Product Create (QPC) feature, it is located here: It really is a time saver and very easy to use.

    Regarding fit/fill options during QPC, it is not possible for us to detect whether you, the designer, wanted your image to fit or fill in the keychain (or other products); therefore, we make you 2, one that fits and one that fills. You can simply delete the one that you don’t want using the delete link located at the top right of each product image. Do this before you hit the Next button. We expect that this easy deletion will be a step you take during nearly every QPC session, unless you create your own set of templates.

    Speaking of templates, it is easy to create your own set of Quick Product Create templates out of the templates we provide. See the instructions in this Help topic. If you know you always want certain products or always want the “fit” version (for example), then follow the steps and then you’ll save yourself time next time you Quick Product Create

    I agree it is not easy to tell the difference between a card and a postcard – that’s why the title text below the product says “Greeting Card” and “Postcard”

    Regarding tiling for ties, there is a way for you to tile your own pattern – make a template tie with your own tiling pattern and then re-use that for each of your designs. Give every template object the same “URL Parameter Name” under advanced options, and you’ll be set. This will be a bit tedious for ties, due to the number of design objects to make your tiling pattern, but you’ll only need to do it once. If you didn’t understand what I just said, then instructions for how to create template products are here:

    Template products are quite powerful to allow your customers to buy business cards with your designs. And template greeting cards (on which customers can put their own message) are big sellers for holidays like Mother’s Day.

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards,


  28. Mike Talvensaari Says:

    Hello, Mike here again. Thank you for all of your feature ideas. We’ve got a few of the ideas you mention already planned for a not-too-distant future release, and some of them I will add to my master list of feature requests under consideration.

    Regarding Private products: it is possible to create a product for clients that will not appear in the marketplace or in your gallery. When you post the product for sale (or if you’ve already posted it, you can edit it in MyZazzle->Products), and under “Product Visibility”, choose “Direct/API only”. What this visibility level means is that only people who know the URL for your product will be able to get to it – it is not in the marketplace or in your gallery. So, you can create your product, set it for direct access and then send a link to your clients.

    Here is more information about Product Visiblity, in Zazzle’s handy Help system.



  29. Silverspirit Says:

    @Moccasinman – i’m not sure about the first point because i’m not a really big content guy yet. but i cringe when i read things like the second paragraph… these companies and the people that work there “deserve” as much of the profits as they need to continue growing and building a system that let’s me make a living off of my sales. just thank god if they’re profitable so they don’t have to resort to turning on their users for growth. Personally, as long as they set consistent expectations with their shopkeeper program and let us price the items and we understand everything up front, making ~30-50% of the sale price is good for me…

    Something CP is learning (and us newcomers are learning as compared to the people who have been around POD since the early days) is that the artist really doesn’t have as much power over their system anymore (the “early days” 5 years ago CP needed us badly), less power now that they have tons of redundant content and now that new item creation is becoming a commodity. this should be a lesson to all of us that circumstances can change and we can’t have an entitled attitude as an approach to these printers and other online partners – it will just lead to disappointment and financial ruin. what we can demand is good communication and predictability so we can run our businesses efficiently because we do have an ongoing value in creating items for new events and the new product types and in promoting our brands and shops. but all top SKers need to learn from google (the first ones who burned me in online business) and CP that the money well can dry up overnight so we better be drilling in a couple of spots. CP is a disaster and I dont’ see anyone other than Zazzle stepping up to fill in the void so just want to say THANK YOU to ZAZZLE and keep up the good work!

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