Twittering new Zazzle products – automatically!


It’s easy to automatically add your new Zazzle products to a Twitter feed. I’ve done this over at Here’s how:

1. Get an account on TwitterFeed, a service that reads RSS feeds and will lob them over to your twitter account. There are probably lots of services like this, but TwitterFeed has been gaining popularity in my circles, and it does the trick pretty well.

1(b). Note that to sign up for TwitterFeed, you will need an OpenId identity. You have one already if you have a Gmail or Yahoo account, or sign up with one of the other OpenId providers; TwitterFeed gives you a list. (Personally, I like ClaimId because I went to Carolina, too.)

2. Once you’re in TwitterFeed, go to “My Feeds” and click “Create a new feed”, and hook up your Zazzle feed to your Twitter account:


3. You need your feed url. Zazzle has lots of information about feeds here. The url I’m using looks like this:

Dissecting this url, we know that:

/hikingviking means I’m pulling products from my “hikingviking” gallery on Zazzle.

ft=gb means I’m pulling the “Google Base” formatted RSS feed, which gives me better access to the raw data about my product. The “title” and “description” fields are the actual title and description I have entered on Zazzle, and not html markup that allows images and links to show up in RSS reader applications.

at=238898476793705621 is how I make sure I will earn referral fees if you click through and buy stuff. Feel free to use my associate ID in your TwitterFeed! Or, you probably want to substitute your own. :)

The default sort type on feeds is “most recent”, so I am sure that I am picking up the products I have most recently published on Zazzle. TwitterFeed is smart enough to know what’s new every time it checks, so it won’t post duplicate products to your Twitter account.

4. The other options on the TwitterFeed page are up to you. You will have to trust TwitterFeed with your login information to your Twitter account, obviously. Then, I chose to include “title & description”, to shorten my link using TinyURL, and to prefix my post with “New @zazzle -”. That’s it! TwitterFeed runs every hour and will pick up anything new you have published to Zazzle.

6 Responses to “Twittering new Zazzle products – automatically!”

  1. Jaejean Says:

    This is a really great informative post! Thank you Jan!
    Do you know if there is a way to selectively post products? e.g. not to have all products posted?

  2. Jan Borgersen, UI Engineer Says:

    Hi, Jaejean … Yes, I can think of several ways of selectively posting products.

    First, you can play with the feed url so that you’re only selecting for the products you want to see. The details of using feeds are in the PDF linked from . But two quick examples are to use the “cg” parameter to limit yourself to a particular gallery product line, or the “qs” parameter to provide a search term. For example: will pull products from my “Bring Back Planet Pluto” product line, or pulls products I have tagged with “merchbooth” to show up in the MySpace merchbooth widget

    Second, you can just Twitter manually using the “share it” link on the product page of the product you want to Twitter.

    Finally, you can always selectively delete tweets on that you may not want :).

    Hope this helps…

  3. Jen Clarke Says:

    I’m having trouble getting my feeds to directly link up to my twitter site. Ive created the feed correctly, but it does not post a new post on my twitter account every time I make a new product.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I submitted feeds too and have not seen them show up on Twitter. They were formatted correctly, how long does it take for them to start showing on Twitter?

  5. Loura Says:

    Thank you so much! You unraveled a tangle of websites and frustration for me!*

  6. Enduring Moments Says:

    Thanks for the information. I had an rss feed from a few years ago when I first started, but Zazzle never mentioned about or how to install your referral code. Maybe I can recoup a lot of lost referral bonus now! Thanks for all the help!!!

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