Ode to the Zazzle Mom


Given today is the shipping deadline for Mother’s Day gifts on Zazzle, we had a bit of Mom Day nostalgia and crafted a sonnet to commemorate the occasion and celebrate one very special mom. Peggy is the head of HR at Zazzle and is really a little bit of everyone’s mom (to make things confusing, she is the actual mom of some of the Zazzle people too). While it is written for one special person, it is really dedicated it to all moms around the world. Happy Mother’s Day!

Ode to the Zazzle Mom
When deadlines loom, nowhere close to being met
When days are tense and fights make office strain
Work can be tough, a break you need, and yet
Lunch is over, no rest to dull the pain.

Bobby shouts, too slow, not nearly good enough
Store procs are wrong, the servers are aflame
The air sits heavy with the noise and huff
The site down? ZIT scrambles to find a blame.

But here she comes, sweetly as the rising sun
Her voice soft and calm, gives the masses sway
She is sunshine, slip and slide, good times and fun
The office full of merry life and laughter gay

Bigpeg is a light, a shield, a comfort far from home
She is Zazzle, she is friend, she is Mom

Thanks Peggy – we love you!
Patrick, Jason and All of Zazzle

zazzle mom
Peggy works hard to keep people at the office happy


6 Responses to “Ode to the Zazzle Mom”

  1. dude Says:

    she is the best dudess of all time. Rock on Peggy!

  2. ZazzleLvr Says:

    Peggy is da’ bomb!

  3. Jaejean Says:

    lovely poem! now check out those shoes!!!

  4. wildcat mascot Says:

    I like this picture. she rocks

  5. totallypainted Says:

    I love Peggy too!! :)!!

  6. Jessica Says:

    This is amazing. Peggy is the best!

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