The Custom Taco Design Tool!


Today is many things at Zazzle. It’s not just the shipping deadline for Mother’s Day gifts at Zazzle, it’s also Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, Zazzle had a special lunch of tacos, rice, beans and of course my favorite chips ‘n salsa (I just love saying “salsa!”). This beautiful taco bar of course got some of our designers thinking…what would a taco design tool look like? Well voila (what is that in Spanish?)! See below for the first ever custom taco design tool! Don’t even try taking this Taco Bell… we’ve patented it!

taco design tool
What would you get with your custom taco?


5 Responses to “The Custom Taco Design Tool!”

  1. Erik Says:


  2. lauriel Says:

    Durian and marmite… international taco of mystery. :) (if you make it and eat it, 1) you have to take pics and 2) you have to let me know how it tastes) Looks like fun, and I’m glad that you guys are all doing well! Good luck to all the new Zazzle sellers!

  3. Dan from Says:

    That is frigging awesome! Lol.

  4. Maria Says:

    rofl! this is o funny! and cute! the description is so funny and lol “surprise me!” hehehe some genius came up with this def!
    good work!

  5. tricia-rennea Says:

    You don’t look very celebratory in these pictures.

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