NEW Pet Clothing and more at Zazzle!


Wow that one was a doozy last night! As you may have noticed, there have been some changes over at the ZAZZLE to the Dot Com thanks to hard work from our engineering, IT and QA teams. Thanks guys!

We’ve launched a ton of new features including NEW pet clothing, more seller tools, product style control, and much more! Also, we’ve officially changed some naming onsite. From now on galleries will be known as STORES and contributors will be known as SELLERS! To alleviate confusion I’ve come up with this simple paragraph to help remind you:

“Stores are to galleries as sellers are to contributors, and contributors are to galleries as stores are to sellers, in the case of working on the websites and When selling on any other website (why would you want to do that?) this rule no longer applies.”

Easy right?

New Features
  • NEW Pet Clothing: Check out the latest Zazzle product for the furry, four-legged friends, Zazzle custom pet clothing! These fun and cute t-shirts come in 8 style and color combinations and are great for dogs large and small. Sellers will also love putting some of the great dog t-shirt designs onsite on actual dog t-shirts! See below for some of the new dog shirts that have been published since last night’s release.
    top dog shirt hug me dog t-shirt tuxedo dog t-shirt

    Create pet clothing now!

  • New Flash Uploader: Uploading a bunch of images? Waiting is no more! Now you can upload multiple images at once (just shift or crtl click on the files in the dialog) and you can watch as the status bar goes from 0% to 100% (no more guesstimating the time). Also this tool is Mac compatible for all the Steve Jobs lovin’ Sellers out there.

    Upload images now to test out the new flash uploader

  • Product Style Control: Now when posting t-shirts and other apparel for sale you’ve got added control over what style of product your design will be available for purchase on. For example, you can elect to merchandise your design only on sustainable apparel SKUs, but not on any other SKUs. This added control is great for making your stores much more branded for the customer your designs are tailored for.

    Create a shirt now to see the new product style control!

  • New Earnings Reports: Now you can see if your sales qualify for volume bonus with the “3rd party referred” column. If there’s a “yes” in the column then the sale was referred by Zazzle Associate (learn more about becoming a Zazzle Associate) and if there’s a “no,” that means the sale came from your store or the Zazzle marketplace.

    See your new earnings report here

  • Advanced Store Customization BETA: Take your store on Zazzle to the next level with advanced store customization. Now you can customize all the HTML and CSS of your store to make a branded experience that is seamless from your blog, website and more. Check out the design by contributor Retropolis_Travel as an example of the stunning work you can do with this advanced store skinning. Just a reminder, this is in BETA TESTING mode so please save all your changes in a separate file off Zazzle just in case some issues arise, we wouldn’t want you to lose any of that hard work!
    Start customizing your store now!


5 Responses to “NEW Pet Clothing and more at Zazzle!”

  1. HabitForming Says:

    Just posted a Zazzle University video on the new features and pet apparel over here: & here

  2. New Zazzle Features & Custom Dog T-shirts! « Zazzle Seller Blog Says:

    [...] site as well as new product line! You can read a little bit more about all the new stuff here on Patrick’s Zazzle Blog post. I also just posted a video about all the new features that you can watch over on the Zazzle [...]

  3. HabitForming Says:

    Just posted a Zazzle University video on the new features and pet apparel over here: & here
    Ooops, should have added great post! Waiting for your next post!

  4. Marie Says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the updates!

    I am a convert and happy to see your efforts and the good energy behind them. I am a big believer in synergy where two are more are greater then the individual parts.

    Thanks again, Marie

  5. Jizkiyahu Ravel Says:

    Great, dog lover

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