Help JasonMit Fix His Wheelchair Van


Meet Zazzler JasonMit. Born with a rare neuromuscular disease (Dejerine-Sottas), JasonMit has been confined to an electric wheelchair with a breathing ventilator for the last seventeen years. Despite the challenges in his life, he has still been able to remain active as a 3D digital artist and motivational speaker.

Jason on his computer making art for his Zazzle store

Now a new challenge has arisen. JasonMit needs $900 worth of work done to his wheelchair van so that he can continue to travel as a motivational speaker. To help offset this cost he opened a Zazzle store to sell his digital art on everything from t-shirts to hats. We at Zazzle are very proud to be the platform that is helping JasonMit continue to do what makes him happy and we want to encourage the community of Zazzle sellers and enthusiast out there to help JasonMit in any way they can. Let’s do our best to try and get the word out for JasonMit so he can continue to travel, speak and be an inspiration for Zazzlers and other people around the world!

giraffe mousepad Penguins Poster Swan Card

See all the products in the JasonMit store.


One Response to “Help JasonMit Fix His Wheelchair Van”

  1. Christina Gleason Says:

    I’ve known Jason for nearly 10 years now, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this publicity. He certainly puts my feeble efforts at design work to shame, and I have full use of my body! Thank you for bringing attention to my friend’s inspirational story.

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