Zazzle Launches and



Last night we launched for Canadians and for Australians. Now we can officially say,


to our neighbors to the north and neighbors to the deeeeeep south. These new international versions of Zazzle allow for pricing in local currencies, better shipping time and turnaround, no customs fees or taxes, and content that is more attuned to the local culture. Also, in addition to these two new sites we’ve also added Euro payment options to! Check out all the new international sites today and welcome the newest Zazzlers from around the world! Where would you like to See Zazzle go next? Leave a comment and let us know!


15 Responses to “Zazzle Launches and”

  1. & « The Zazzle Says:

    [...] Check out the full story here! [...]

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Is there a way to transfer my US store to the Canadian site?? Do I have to make a whole new one??

  3. Megan McDonald Says:

    This is great news for Australians!

    Being in Australian dollars will make it much clearer when it comes to the cost of a product. Quicker turn around times is more attractive too.

    What about CHINA next ?

  4. Otto Bergman Says:

    How about Germany even though that entails a new language from English?

  5. Jamiecreates1 Says:

    Very cool! :o)

  6. Jude Says:

    Great! That means we will have more revenues because of these
    additional zazzle websites! I can’t wait to get sales from Canada and Australia!

    How about in Costa Rica and the Philippines! They have english as second
    language especially the Philippines.

    All the best,

  7. ATMac Says:

    So pleased there’s a store in Australia now, where I live! This is going to really improve sales :)

  8. Nicole Says:

    Great news!

  9. AnnaArt Says:

    Hi, congratulations on the expansion to
    Question : does this mean we can have an option to get paid by cheque in Australian dollars from an Australian office rather than Paypal?

  10. Brent Shepherd Says:

    Woot! An Australian Zazzle, thanks! :-D

  11. Nicole Says:

    Where does ship from?

  12. niru Says:

    It would be cool,if zazzle is launched in INDIA

  13. Sue Says:

    Where are the invitations made? Are orders in Australia made here or are they shipped from the states, and how much is postage to Australia

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