Zazzle Father’s Day Apron on HBO’s Big Love


Being a HUGE fan of the show “Big Love” on HBO, I am kicking myself for not seeing this earlier. When I was reading about upcoming season 4 on E! Online, I noticed that the apron Bill was wearing in a season 3 episode was a Zazzle Apron. Woot! Check out the shot of Bill wearing the Zazzle apron by Zazzle contributor Koncepts. Congrats Koncepts, that’s some solid free advertising.


Shop Father’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day Aprons, and more from Zazzle.


3 Responses to “Zazzle Father’s Day Apron on HBO’s Big Love”

  1. Karyn Lewis (aka: Koncepts by Karyn) Says:

    OMG! I love Big Love, but have been taping the episodes this season, and haven’t watched them yet. How crazy cool is that? I’m going to go shout it to the rooftops and tell everyone I know. Thanks for the post!


    Koncepts by Karyn

  2. Chancy Says:

    Wish Zazzle would start offering mailbox covers …. my Dad wants a mailbox cover with Boer Goats on it!

  3. Caza Creations Says:

    Very cool! Congratulations Karyn. I have never seen the show myself but I wouldn’t mind having one of my products featured on a TV show. :)

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