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New VH1 Store on Zazzle!

May 12, 2009

Checkout the new VH1 store on Zazzle! We recently partnered with VH1 to bring the sweetness of VH1’s pop culture to the awesomeness of Zazzle products. The result? An explosion of awesome sweetness on t-shirts, mousepads, stickers and more. Find fun designs like the Pop Cultured t-shirt or Keeping it Reality t-shirt and other great designs like the classic VH1 logo t-shirt all in the VH1 Store. Some of my favorite VH1 t-shirts below.

keeping it real vh1 shirt vh1 t-shirt vh1 classic logo t-shirt


Zazzle Store Builder Video Tutorial

May 11, 2009

Just posted another video tutorial!! This one is about how to setup and install the Zazzle Store Builder so that you can automatically update the products on your webstore!

You can watch this video and others here:

Zazzle University Tumblr:

Zazzle University Youtube:

Download the necessary files for this video at the bottom of this page:


New Postage Rates Start Today

May 11, 2009

Do you need new stamps? You might because new postage rates are now in effect and .44 cents is last year’s .42 cents for 1 oz First Class mailings. All the other postage rates changed slightly as well. To read more visit our New Postage Rates page.

But since you’re a Zazzle Custom Stamp shopper you’ve been getting the new rates AT THE OLD PRICES for over a month now, so you’re not worried right? Wait, you still haven’t got your custom postage from Zazzle? Well don’t worry! We’ve extended the postage rates discount for a short period of time to help out those who may still be a bit unprepared. Just like the USPS, Zazzle delivers! Get started now creating custom photo postage and save!

baby stamps the know postage stamp beagle stamp


Zazzle U. Class Schedule for May 11th – May 15th

May 8, 2009

Available classes

Zazzle Basics
We plan on covering the basics, as well as all the new features that launched last week & there will be a 30 QA sessions where you can ask any questions you like.

  • Tuesday May 12th – 1pm PT
  • Wednesday May 13th – 2pm PT
  • Friday May 15th – 3pm PT


Zazzle Store Builder Class
Advanced class. You will need to know how to use and edit basic HTML

  • Monday May 11th – 3pm PT


Advanced Store Customization
You will need to know the basics of CSS & HTML for this class

  • Thursday May 14th – 5pm PT


Seats for all classes are limited, so you MUST register by sending an email to

New Zazzle Features & Custom Dog T-shirts!

May 8, 2009

Last night we added a whole bunch of new features to the site as well as new product line! You can read a little bit more about all the new stuff here on Patrick’s Zazzle Blog post.

I also just posted a video about all the new features that you can watch over on the Zazzle University Tumblr page: or you can also view it here:

If you were wondering about class times for next week, I will be posting the times very soon, so make sure to check back in a few hours.


NEW Pet Clothing and more at Zazzle!

May 8, 2009

Wow that one was a doozy last night! As you may have noticed, there have been some changes over at the ZAZZLE to the Dot Com thanks to hard work from our engineering, IT and QA teams. Thanks guys!

We’ve launched a ton of new features including NEW pet clothing, more seller tools, product style control, and much more! Also, we’ve officially changed some naming onsite. From now on galleries will be known as STORES and contributors will be known as SELLERS! To alleviate confusion I’ve come up with this simple paragraph to help remind you:

“Stores are to galleries as sellers are to contributors, and contributors are to galleries as stores are to sellers, in the case of working on the websites and When selling on any other website (why would you want to do that?) this rule no longer applies.”

Easy right?

New Features
  • NEW Pet Clothing: Check out the latest Zazzle product for the furry, four-legged friends, Zazzle custom pet clothing! These fun and cute t-shirts come in 8 style and color combinations and are great for dogs large and small. Sellers will also love putting some of the great dog t-shirt designs onsite on actual dog t-shirts! See below for some of the new dog shirts that have been published since last night’s release.
    top dog shirt hug me dog t-shirt tuxedo dog t-shirt

    Create pet clothing now!

  • New Flash Uploader: Uploading a bunch of images? Waiting is no more! Now you can upload multiple images at once (just shift or crtl click on the files in the dialog) and you can watch as the status bar goes from 0% to 100% (no more guesstimating the time). Also this tool is Mac compatible for all the Steve Jobs lovin’ Sellers out there.

    Upload images now to test out the new flash uploader

  • Product Style Control: Now when posting t-shirts and other apparel for sale you’ve got added control over what style of product your design will be available for purchase on. For example, you can elect to merchandise your design only on sustainable apparel SKUs, but not on any other SKUs. This added control is great for making your stores much more branded for the customer your designs are tailored for.

    Create a shirt now to see the new product style control!

  • New Earnings Reports: Now you can see if your sales qualify for volume bonus with the “3rd party referred” column. If there’s a “yes” in the column then the sale was referred by Zazzle Associate (learn more about becoming a Zazzle Associate) and if there’s a “no,” that means the sale came from your store or the Zazzle marketplace.

    See your new earnings report here

  • Advanced Store Customization BETA: Take your store on Zazzle to the next level with advanced store customization. Now you can customize all the HTML and CSS of your store to make a branded experience that is seamless from your blog, website and more. Check out the design by contributor Retropolis_Travel as an example of the stunning work you can do with this advanced store skinning. Just a reminder, this is in BETA TESTING mode so please save all your changes in a separate file off Zazzle just in case some issues arise, we wouldn’t want you to lose any of that hard work!
    Start customizing your store now!


Announcing Advanced Store Customization!

May 7, 2009

You’re up on the stage, in front of millions, singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, a song that’s been done to death. How do you stand out? How do you make it NOT sound like Karaoke? Easy. Change the tempo, add different inflections, improvise a vocal run…basically, you make it your own, dawg! (ahhhh, he said it!)

The same idea applies to your Zazzle store. Some store owners add pizzazz with header graphics, some add HTML in their description. But most stores have the same basic layout…until now!



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Zazzle has now opened up the ability to customize your own storefront however you see fit. Edit CSS and HTML directly, add your own pages, display what you want, where you want it.

Download Full Documentation (Recommended)

This blog post will get you started, but for more complete documentation, please download the Advanced Store Customization Guide (1.9Mb, PDF) .

You must be this tall to ride

Be forewarned…this is currently in open BETA, which basically means we are testing this feature and cannot provide official support. To use this feature successfully, it is highly recommended that you have a working knowledge of CSS and HTML, and some familiarity with XML. Keep in mind that by messing around with the direct code behind your store, you could very easily break it and render your store unusable, forcing you to revert to defaults and start over.

So, what can it do?

Well, you can pretty much do almost anything you want with this. I won’t go into detail on how to write CSS or HTML, but let me show you some examples of the power it provides you:

  • Retropolis Travel Bureau – Amazing use of CSS
  • Clone Wars – This is the official Clone Wars store on Zazzle. It was built using the same techniques that the Advanced Store Customization allows. Check out the header section and the background image. Nifty.
  • Star Wars – Same as above…but looks so cool we had to show it!
  • Hikingviking – Excellent use of a background image to make the site pop. Also check out the blog and store “tabs” at the top. The blog links out to this store owner’s blog, which happens to look just like his storefront!
  • Life Embellished – Nice use of an office theme with a paper background and manila folder content area.
  • Nuclear Tees – Great example of a complete change in navigation and store home page

Neat! I want that!

Since this is still in beta, the first thing you’ll have to do is enable the feature. Here’s how.

First, go to

  1. Select “Create a custom look”
  2. Enable the Advanced Store Customization checkbox
  3. Save your settings


After saving your changes, you will see this warning:


Hit OK to enable Advanced Store Customization. Once enabled, a new tab labeled “Beta! Advanced” appears. Click on it to see and edit your Layout and Style code.


In the trenches

Advanced Store Customization opens up the guts of your storefront and allows you to change the code that builds it. It handles this by splitting up your store’s code into three editable parts: Layout (HTML), Style (CSS), and Content Definition (XML).

  1. Layout – This is the HTML markup of all the pages in your store, mixed in with a bit of Zazzle goodness.
  2. Style – This is the CSS of your store. It defines the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and general look of your store.
  3. Content Definition – This is the XML markup that lists pages, modules, and other content areas of your store.

Let’s try one of the easiest store customizations…adding a background image to your storefront. It’s pretty easy.


In the Style text box (found under My Zazzle–>Store–>Appearance–>Advanced tab), look for the #mainShell section of code and add the URL to an image in the background declaration:

#mainShell {
background:#bbccdd url(“”) top center no-repeat;

Then hit Validate and Save Changes (or select the Preview button to test first). That’s it! Now your store will have a background image! This is one of the easiest changes you can make, but can quickly add some personality to your store. Here are a couple of examples of stores with nothing more than a background image:

  1. Pantera’s Official Merch Store – One large background image
  2. Mim’s Official Merch Store – Repeating pattern background
  3. My own store – Subtle repeating background
  4. Harryterry – Fading stars background

That’s about all I can cover in this blog post, but for more complete documentation, please download the Advanced Store Customization Guide (1.9Mb, PDF) . Like I stated earlier, this feature is in open beta, so there will be no official support for it (don’t call customer support for this!), but we have setup a new discussion forum so anyone experimenting with Advanced Store Customization can discuss their experiences, get help, and help others who are trying it out.

With the ability to completely change the look and feel of your store, we’re hoping to see some really creative designs and layouts! Dig in, folks…time to truly make it your own!

The Basics of Creating Zazzle Product Templates (Video Tutorial)

May 6, 2009

Hey Zazzlers, I just posted another video for your viewing pleasure! You can check out the newest video by following the link below: (Video Tutorial)


NEW! Zazzle Speaker Series 001: Michael Wang on Execution [Video]

May 6, 2009

We’d like to share with you an internal program that just launched, the Zazzle Speaker Series! This once-per-month lunchtime event was created to give key individuals from within the Zazzle family and thought leaders from outside of the company an opportunity to share ideas, stories, and lessons from their careers and lives.

Michael Wang, Zazzle’s Chief Fulfillment Officer, kicked off the program by presenting his amazing journey through life, from China to the United States, and how his experiences have made him into the manufacturing and operations guru that he is today.

From time to time, we’ll share out portions of these special talks and presentations with you. In the clip below, Michael talks about how he gained his execution-driven mentality under famed business leader Larry Bossidy, and the principles of his operational excellence, which now permeate Zazzle’s entire operations team.


Zazzle University Video Tutorial – Referral Basics

May 5, 2009

Just posted another video. This one covers the basics on what referrals are and how you can easily get referral links for any products available on Zazzle! Super easy!

I plan posting more video tutorials, so keep checking this Seller Blog to get the latest updates!


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