Store Customization Showcase!


Wow, you Zazzlers out there really blew us away with your amazing talent and creativity! Ever since we released the Advanced Store Customization Beta, our incredible Zazzle Community hit the pavement and worked tirelessly to build their own brands, create innovative user experiences, and perhaps most importantly, help each other out in our forums.

Below is a showcase of some our favorites so far…

Ars CelticaSaundejmLisa Marie ArtThe Hobby ShopPhete FirstSugar vs SpiceThe BootiqueBarton-Le-Clay DesignDIY GemsLoony BoutiqueVisual NewbieShopaholic Chick

Keep up the amazing work…we honestly can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

For more tips, tricks, and advice on this feature, be sure to visit the Advanced Store Customization beta forum. Many folks have already written detailed and very informative tutorials to help you get started.

4 Responses to “Store Customization Showcase!”

  1. Gern Says:

    Very cool stuff! Hmm… I didn’t think you could use your referral ID or the zazzle star on internal links.

  2. B.L.U.C.H.I.C. Says:

    I’m in love with Zazzle for sure now! Now I’ve got to study tha Zcss.

  3. tesha Says:

    i need help. there has to be a way to download or use templates that i can modfy on my own.
    If i have zero CSS knowledge, what do i do?! arrgg

  4. debrene Says:

    just want my product line listed on sidebar , somehow it went away yesterday and spent hours trying to get it back. called both your # for hours too but busy.

    please help put back my list of products on the home page- apron,mug,ties,card etc. had in a nice vertical column – all gone & with 18,000 products really need that feature back.

    thank you,

    florene M. welebny

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