Zazzle Zingers: The Z’experience


As promised, a few of us went down to Calafia to try out the Zazzle Zinger Smoothies and see if they lived up to the Zazzle name. Of course they were delicious and full of zingy goodness. But we were a little disheartened because apparently the Facebook Freeze is beating the Zazzle Zinger in sales. This is unacceptable! I call on all Zazzlers to get Zingers right now to make sure that the Zazzle Zinger is number 1 for all of time! Our time is now Zazzlers, this is our battle cry! ZIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGEEERS!

Here are some pics of Zazzle Team Members getting Zinged.


4 Responses to “Zazzle Zingers: The Z’experience”

  1. Tyler John Boyle (tyguy2009) Says:

    I would really love to drink a “Zazzle Zinger” and vote on it, I all the way in Palm Coast, Florida I can’t. But being a Zazzle member, I was wondering if there is some way to help or something (I don’t know… coupon or something like it :(?

  2. JamesDeVere Says:

    It looked like a lot of fun! Did it taste alright? xxoo James

  3. BlockQuoteProducts Says:

    Maybe if they named the drink Zazzle Zap – it might be Zipping along

  4. Susan Says:

    You guys are just having too much fun! How do you do that and still do such a great job Zazzling?? LOL Wish I lived close enough to visit. The Zinger looks great!

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