Free Alternatives to Photoshop


Over the weekend I found this great article on Six Revisions about open source applications (think FREE) for creating digital art and editing photos. Take a look. I think these tools are great for Sellers who are just getting started and don’t have the cash to buy some of the more expensive digital art applications. One of my favorites is called Paint.NET, definitely a good one. What are your favorite photo and digital art applications? Have a good one that isn’t on the list? Share below.


6 Responses to “Free Alternatives to Photoshop”

  1. JeanC Says:

    I love GIMP and Inkscape for working on my stuff. Both are open source and both are free. I love free LOL.

  2. mckilljoy Says:

    I used to like — it is a browser based photoshop clone. Worked well for simple stuff but not as good as a true app. I tried GIMP and was very happy with it!

  3. Vlasta Says:

    Paint.COM is a bit closer to Photoshop as it can directly use the image filtering plug-ins made for Photoshop.

  4. Barbara Hymer Says:

    Twistedbrush has a free one. I need to sit down and learn my way around, but I liked what I did so far. I use PhotoShop mostly.

  5. Aijalyn Kohler Says:

    I use GIMP and Inkscape primarily

  6. Latasha Says:

    Before I got Photoshop, I used to use Project Dogwaffle. It’s good for painting and adding textures.

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