Zazzle Loves Rock and Roll


If you haven’t noticed, Zazzle has recently launched a bunch of stellar new music storefronts, so for all those heading out to MJ tribute parties, be sure to go in style.  Lil Wayne was the most recent artist to sell over 1 million records in a single week with his newest album, the first artist to do so since 50 Cent back in 2005. 

Classic Georgian band The B52’s have a some really cool designs, including my personal fav “The Rock Lobster”.

Woodstock is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, so all you old hippies now turned yuppies, be sure to outfit yourself with some new stuff featuring classic imagery. 

For the classic rock and 80′s hair band lovers, there is no shortage of options in Motley Crue, Yes, Dream Theater, Cinderella, and Gene Simmons

Rod Stewart is in a very select category of men able to rock leopard skin pants and make the ladies swoon, and his store features a lot of great imagery throughout his career. 

Artistic Hub recently launched a design contest for UK-based up-and-comer Iglu & Hartly.  The platform allows for fans to submit designs and then purchase all submissions directly through I&H’s Zazzle store.  Look out for more contests via Artistic Hub coming soon.

Folk Festival celebrates it’s 50th year with a stellar line-up and some great designs.

If you are a fan of Rock Star or Guitar Hero, or were destined to be a rock star, back-up dancer or groupie but never realized your dream, then you know all about US Air Guitar.

Other artist with summer tours and new releases:
Britney Spears 
The Black Eyed Peas
Jason Mraz

Jam out to any and all artists via AOL Radio, and you can even begin your own online broadcast via Shoutcast Radio.


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