Running Latte Mugs – New Urban Dictionary Zazzle API


Check out the latest API partner to join Zazzle,! Thanks to the power of the Zazzle API, everyone around the world can now get the hilarious and informative (who knows what “running latte” means?) Urban Dictionary quotes on mugs! All you need to do is go to your favorite definition on and just click on the “get this def on a mug,” button. Screenshot below. Also, here are some of my favorite Urban Dictionary definitions to get you started.

  • om nom: The sound of ravenous eating. Popularized by the character Cookie Monster on Sesame street, it is now used commonly in speech, especially among younger people. Cookie Monster exclaims “OM NOM NOM NOM” when gobbling down cookies (and whatever else goes in his mouth).
  • TMI Turkey: The act of holding up the palm of your hand and spreading out all five fingers, while placing your other hand in the center of the opposite palm with fingers spread, with your thumb sticking straight up resembling a turkey. To explain in hand motion, when someone has given you Too Much Information.
  • ytmnd: Abbreviated version of You’re the man now, dog!, a phrase said by Sean Connery in the movie Finding Forrester. In the internet subculture, however, it refers to a website in which that phrase is repeated over and over. The site is now host to thousands of similar pages which can range from amusing to disturbing, but are almost always stupid.

Want to learn more about integrating the Zazzle API into your site? Visit the Zazzle API information page.


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