One small step for [a] man… One giant leap for mankind!


40 years ago today, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, with astronaut Michael Collins manning the Apollo 11 craft above, set their Eagle landing craft down on the surface of the moon!  Here at Zazzle, we’re celebrating the anniversary of this awesome human accomplishment by browsing through some of the totally cool Apollo 11 products on Zazzle.  Some of our favorites are in the Space Exploration Gallery.

Here’s a popular product from Zazzle Seller Shadowalker:

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary t-shirt

And here is a very high resolution poster of perhaps the most iconic image from the historic Apollo 11 mission, an image of Buzz Aldrin with Neil Armstrong and the Eagle lunar module reflected in his visor:

Man on the Moon - Apollo 11 print

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