G’Day from Australia!


Hello to the Zazzle Community from Down Under! Bobby, Jeff, and Mike reporting in from beautiful Sydney, Australia. Bobby and Jeff were invited to be keynote speakers at this week’s Online Retailer Expo and Conference (http://www.online-retailer.com.au/) in Sydney. The entire Conference was an overwhelming success. In only its first year, it can already lay claim to being the #2 largest online retailing conference in the world (behind only the massive Internet Retailer show in the United States), so congratulations to the event’s organizers for that!

Bobby and Jeff killed it in their presentation on Wednesday. They discussed Zazzle’s business model, specifically Zazzle’s commitment to empowering our Sellers to earn real money through the Zazzle platform.

The conference organizers titled the presentation “Small Fish Taking Over Big Ponds – How to Harness the Power of the Internet for Competitive Advantage.” To be honest, we thought that was a bit tame.

So, we thought about how best to visually depict Zazzle in a way that more accurately represents the company and how we feel about our many opportunities ahead:

Small fish, big pond? Ha!… NO. We’re more like a bear with a revolver, riding a shark in the middle of the ocean. And escaping from a nuclear explosion. Also, wearing a wolf t-shirt, of course. T-shirt available here: http://www.zazzle.com/the_great_escape_bear_shark_cavalry_tshirt-235198574929322642

But even that’s not good enough! We’re here in Sydney to celebrate and promote our recently-launched Zazzle.com.au site, so we had our design team make some last-minute modifications:

Hell yeah! And, if you can’t tell, the kangaroo is wearing aviator goggles. T-shirt: http://www.zazzle.com/the_great_escape_kangaroo_shark_cavalry_tshirt-235734173036167931


Anyway, our experience here in Australia has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve been bombarded with enthusiasm and interest from new sellers, partners, and customers. The Zazzle.com.au site is poised for impressive growth over the next few months, so we encourage the entire community of Zazzle sellers to create products and stores with Australia, as well as our other localized markets in Canada and the UK, in mind.

Jeff, Bobby, and Mike


2 Responses to “G’Day from Australia!”

  1. Tee Zazzle Says:

    Not wearing Zazzle t-shirt? Huh.

  2. Nick - freelance designer Says:

    If it was only a land shark, then you would’ve had me.

    But considering it is covers the Australian aspect of Great white sharks, the sea, kangaroo’s, and nuclear explosions. (hello maralinga atmospheirc nuclear testing)
    It is still good.

    But yeah, skippy needed a t-shirt. Possibly something with a cane toad on it.

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