Edward Moore “Teddy” Kennedy — Rest in Peace


Ted Kennedy, who served nine terms in the U.S. Senate, died late last night at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.  Senator Kennedy is arguably one of the most powerful and influential senators in American history.  During his time in the Senate, he took a leadership role on some of the largest—and most controversial—issues of the day, including health care, immigration, civil rights, education, and more.  He was as much a hero to liberals as he was a foil to conservatives.  For proof of this, you need look no further than the Zazzle marketplace, which is split pretty evenly between expressions of adoration and disdain for Senator Kennedy over the years.  Being the fan of heated debate that we knew him to be, we think the Liberal Lion would smile at the products for sale in the Zazzle marketplace.  Today, though, as the nation mourns his passing, we’ll feature only these products:

ted kennedy poster ted kennedy mug kennedy mousepad

edward kennedy t-shirt Kennedy t-shirt ted kennedy shirt


One Response to “Edward Moore “Teddy” Kennedy — Rest in Peace”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    Ted Kennedy was a good senator. Zazzle makes great products. Especially I like a mouse-pad.

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