All About Sorting and Browsing


Well, it’s been quite a day here at Zazzle! Last night’s release is out and there’s a buzz going around…we can feel it…it’s pretty buzzy ’round these parts. I think the most common questions we’re getting are related to our new Store Category Sorting and Browsing feature. Yes, it’s a mouthful…but that’s ’cause it’s a pretty meaty piece of…well…meat :-)

In a nutshell, Store Category Sorting and Browsing is a powerful feature that makes Zazzle stores easier to navigate for customers, and easier to merchandise and promote for store owners.

  • Store Owners can set the display order of all categories and products within their store.
  • Store Owners can upload icon images to represent any category in their store, or use a default image generated by Zazzle.
  • Stores can be set to display a scrollable list of categories, or a fully expanded list of categories.
  • Customers can sort products in a store Alphabetically, Reverse Alphabetical, by Newest, or by Popularity.

If you don’t read anything else in this post, read these help topics!

We just pushed out a couple of detailed help topics on this feature, with fancy screenshots and everything!

Below is a sample of what a scrollable Store Category list could look like in your Store.

Sample scrollable Store Category list

3 Responses to “All About Sorting and Browsing”

  1. Caza Creations Says:

    Looks simple enough. Thanks!

  2. pjwuebker Says:

    It would be most helpful to know the dimensions of the images for both the scrollable icons and for the setting for when all icons are on a page so that we could design attractive looking images.

    I’ve tried simply uploading designs with no white space, but there is always some there, depending on the shape and size and different shapes. I would like them all uniform, neat and attractive.

    I presume there is some set amount of space per icon.

    • lamessegee Says:

      Icons sized 150 px by 150 px seem to work well, with a small space in between the icons. I believe that white space between the icons is unavoidable, as it’s even present in Zazzle’s own examples.

      I hope this helps.

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