NEW Zazzle Features!


Last night we added some great new features to the site!  You asked (and asked again), and we listened:  Store Category Sorting and Browsing has launched!

Store Category Sorting & Browsing

“Product Lines” are now called “Store Categories”, and you can now set the display order of your products.  Want your favorite T-shirt to appear first in your store or in your “Cool T-shirts” category?  Just drag-and-drop in your MyZazzle public products list to set the order.  Do you want icons for your Store Categories to appear on your Store homepage automatically?  Now you can upload custom icons for each of your categories and set your homepage to display them.  Your customers will be able to easily browse the categories in your store to find the products they want.

More information can be found here, and you can enable the feature in MyZazzle.  Just choose “Show Full Categories” under Homepage content (or the option of your choice), and don’t forget upload custom icons for your Store Categories on the Products tab.

Other New Seller Features

We also added StatCounter support to your Store basic info page, the ability to upload PDF and Adobe Illustrator file formats for use on products, and made improvements to the Payment Settings and Preview Next Payment pages.

What are you waiting for?  Dive into MyZazzle today and start sorting those products and uploading those icons!

6 Responses to “NEW Zazzle Features!”

  1. PappyFerrara Says:

    Do you have a Zazzle pro level (pay service)?

  2. Debbie Carr Says:

    Sounds good. Just trying to figure it out now. Can you re arrange your products in your categories? Like where you want them to be in position in your categories. Like, If you have already made it, Change a t-shirt design to move over a few products, and have something else be in front of it.?

  3. Draik Says:

    Can I drag an existing category into another category?

  4. Rosie's Workshop Says:

    Cool, I’ve been wanting to have these features, but the advanced store customization is a bit intimidating. Thanks!

  5. CJ Says:

    I liked the Top Picks that one could place at the top of the home page. I wish you had that back. I would change them occasionally to reflect the season, an upcoming holiday, etc.

    Also I can’t find a way to sort as it used to be, by the items that were viewed most often during the last week, month, etc. It gave me an idea of what people were looking for. I also liked the other methods of sorting, most popular, highest ratings, etc. I often looked at those and they helped me to decide what new products to create.

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