PayPal Loves Zazzle Models!


Check out the PayPal email below featuring Zazzle’s Director of Product Management Mike T! Unbeknown to us, Mike has a side gig as Chief Model for the Scandinavian Modeling Agency of America (SMAA for short) – this is his main look called light blue steel.

Seriously though, we love PayPal! PayPal is a great way to make purchases on Zazzle, or process Seller earnings quickly (wayyyy faster than a check). Be sure to check out the PayPal X Innovate November 3-4 to learn more about how you can use PayPal as a platform.

4 Responses to “PayPal Loves Zazzle Models!”

  1. PopArtDiva Says:

    And I love Zazzle for using PayPal!!! It widens the customer base up a lot when you use such a respected and secure money handler! Kudos to both PayPal and Zazzle, I’m an ardent fan of both.

  2. Caza Creations Says:

    I guess it’s an inside joke.

  3. Cherie Says:

    Been a PayPal user for many years! I love the way you can easily create your own ‘PAY NOW’ buttons too! I’ll be checkin’ out…thanks guys! Lookin’ good Mike!

  4. navinjoshi Says:

    Wow !! I will register as soon as some money comes into my account.. Thanks, Navivn

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