Donate a Design and Support Breast Cancer Awareness


As I mentioned earlier in the week, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to talk about Zazzle’s Pink Ribbon Store. The Pink Ribbon store is a cooperative between Zazzle and Sellers to donate artwork on products like pink ribbon t-shirts, pink ribbon buttons, pink ribbon postage and more with the proceeds benefiting various breast cancer awareness and research charities. We’ve been doing this for three years and it is a great way to get involved with the breast cancer fight. Check out some of the donated designs and learn how to participate below.

pink ribbon t-shirt breast cancer t-shirts breast cancer awareness t-shirt

Want to get involved? It’s easy. Just shoot an email to with the subject line “I want to donate to the Pink Ribbon Store!” Remember to include a hi-res version of your design in the attachment. Don’t worry if it’s a design that you already have in your Zazzle store, repeats are cool with us!

2 Responses to “Donate a Design and Support Breast Cancer Awareness”

  1. L Shannon Says:

    Hello there, I welcome the opportunity to donate a design to The Pink Ribbon Store, I lost my mother, Esther in 1999 after a 4 month battle with ovarian cancer and I understand the sadness involved in nursing a loved one when they are diagnosed as terminally ill but we must always retain hope that a cure will be found. We have amazing scientists and doctors all over the world doing their best and someday we’ll win the war for the many battles that our loved ones fought…

  2. affiliateex Says:

    sorry to hear that shannon god bless you can help donate to cancer today

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