Urinal Cake Eating – A Quest for Blue Links


It was a year or two coming, but it has finally happened…Zazzle now has BLUE LINKS! It wasn’t easy to get links to turn blue and it took some major convincing on the part of Zazzle Co-Founder Jeff. So much convincing in fact, that Jeff had to promise to eat something blue in return for blue links from the Product Team. What diabolical blue item did they decide on? Well none other than blue urinal cakes.

Thankfully Jeff didn’t have to eat a real urinal cake to get blue links (apparently they are toxic…). See below for a close up of the blue links cake.

What do you think of the new blue links on Zazzle? Leave a comment and let us know.

8 Responses to “Urinal Cake Eating – A Quest for Blue Links”

  1. Caza Creations Says:

    Not only is it good that we now have blue links but Zazzle seems to have introduced the possibility of our next product…printed cakes. How ’bout it Zazzle? Is there a bakery you can partner up with that will allow us to print our designs in icing? ;)

  2. Mike Says:

    There are so many links on Zazzle that I never even knew were there… until today! Hooray for blue links!!!

  3. Lori Says:

    Thanks for the blue links and the ummmm uhhhhh.. VERY INTERESTING blog about it.

  4. Jeff Says:

    The blue links are great. Much easier on the eyes. Now how about bringing back our Community links?

  5. TeeZazzle Says:

    That is hilarious!!!

  6. MouseArte Says:

    Lovin’ the new blue links, now potential customers can actually tell when I’ve linked to another product in my descriptions. Looks great, well worth your sacrifice Jeff lol

  7. Travellingsue Says:

    The blue links are easy on the eye and I’m so glad that no-one from Zazzle had to die eating toxic substances to get them!

  8. Indianapolis Wedding Cakes Says:

    That is an amazingly hilarious cake! On a side note, I believe there are several companies out there that are creating “green” urinal cakes to replace the typical toxic ones. The green craze is sweeping the world.

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