Statement on Psalm 109 Products


Dear Zazzle Member or Concerned Citizen—

Today, there has surfaced a great deal of discussion and debate over certain products in the Zazzle Marketplace which reference text from Psalm 109 in combination with reference to President Barack Obama.  We at Zazzle are aware of the issue, and would like to take this opportunity to respond in a unified and public fashion to all parties and viewpoints.

Zazzle puts great value on its Marketplace as a forum for discussion and debate of the issues of our day.  We are proud of the fact that no matter how arcane or apparently esoteric a subject may be, there can often be found Zazzle products pertaining to it.  We are particularly sensitive to Zazzle as an open forum for the expression and debate of political viewpoints.  The rigorous debate and discussion of political issues, including candidates for political office, our elected leaders, and pending and actual legislation, is something that drives the very democracy that in turn allows for our freedom as citizens to make these expressions in the first place.

With that in mind, it is only after great thought that we have determined that these products, in the context of the full text of Psalm 109, may be interpreted in such a way as to suggest physical harm to the President of the United States.  In deference to the Office of the President of the United States, and in accordance with federal law prohibiting the making of threats against the physical wellbeing of the President of the United States, Zazzle has therefore determined that these products are in violation of the Zazzle User Agreement and not appropriate for inclusion in the Zazzle Marketplace.  We have begun efforts to remove them from our website, and we will be vigilant to the publication of similar products moving forward.

Zazzle will continue to allow and encourage the submission of products that express disapproval or approval of the President’s policies and actions, but Zazzle will not permit products that may be interpreted to suggest violence toward the President.

The Zazzle Team

261 Responses to “Statement on Psalm 109 Products”

  1. Alton J. Duderstadt II Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for taking the steps to correct this issue. Any threat to the President is a great one and should not be taken lightly. Taking a stand as a business and trying to provide quality products can be a tricky road to tow. My respect for your company has been renewed. Thank you again, and your swift move to remove violent material from your listings is greatly appreciated.

    • Ingrid Says:

      Right now, you could go on the web site and order the bumper sticker. So….what does that mean about Zazzle’s comment above?

      • Moe Says:

        “We have begun efforts to remove them from our website, and we will be vigilant to the publication of similar products moving forward.”

        If you actually read the text above it would indicate that Zazzle is sincere.

        So what does that mean about YOUR comment?

  2. chris Says:

    Kudos to Zazzle for making the right decision and removing this hateful content. Agree / disagree is one thing, but this was beyond the pale, unAmerican, and illegal.

  3. Barry Says:

    Thank you, I think you have made a wise decision.

  4. James Barnett Says:

    Dear Zazzle Team,

    I think you hit the right tone here: “criticism ok, death wishes, not so much”. Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful response.



  5. Peter Vorobieff Says:

    Good call, thank you.

  6. Stuart Heady Says:

    Thank you for your serious deliberation of this concern and your prompt resolution of it. It is a credit to your operation that you can do this quickly and intelligently. Very Impressive.

  7. Yolanda Says:

    Thank you for your consideration. These hateful products crossed the line regarding political discourse. You will be remembered by many of us out here who I am sure will continue to patronize Zazzle!
    thanks a million,

  8. Colin Cuskley Says:

    Zazzle has made the right decision.

  9. Lisa Says:

    Once again this has obviously been taken out of context and those that try to configure things to the there way of thinking is whats wrong with human beings, fact of the matter is this:

    Notice that it is a psalm of “David” and therefore reflects an experience which “David” went through. It is difficult to tell exactly which of his recorded experiences is referred to. Personally I think it probably is the time when he was railed upon by Nabal, the husband of Abigail, as recorded in the twenty-fifth chapter of First Samuel. Later, God judged Nabal and took him in death and David married Abigail. I think this psalm best fits on that occasion. It is clearly a psalm of someone who is deeply, deeply disturbed.

    Why do ppl feel the need to discredit our/or any elected president? Sure he’s gonna make mistakes, but keep in mind The president is merely a figure to speak through he does NOT make the decisions! The presidents decisions can be VETO. Do you really believe he writes his speeches..No he has ppl to do that and others who change them to fit what they want him to say. If they want him to look bad they write it in….

    To have ppl say that this Psalm is about Obama, or a way as to suggest physical harm to the President of the United States are uneducated and are trying to cause trouble where it needn’t be!!

    I guess the old saying: If ignorance is bliss then this must be the Garden of Eden!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Was that an ex cathedra statement? Well, pontificate all you like, apologist, but it’s very clear that this sick little movement is solely for the purpose of praying for the death of the President. People are not stupid and we see through slimy, sleazy skuzz bags like you. Go to hell!

      If this is the Garden of Eden, you are the slithering snake. (Even the Devil can quote scripture, honey).

      • Michelle Says:

        People just want him to leave office – not the planet. Settle down, missy – you are so obvioulsy a huffy zealot. Bet you are ultra successful in making friends.

      • ken Says:

        People who are kind, sensitive and thoughtful tend to make a lot of friends. The fact that you don’t realize that explains a lot about yourself and others who would defend this language.

    • warbler Says:

      Lisa – either you think you can explain this away because you think we’re that stupid – or you believe it because you’re that stupid. Which one is it?

    • Barbara Says:

      The materials said “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109″. That kinda makes it clear what the intent is, and it’s not to reflect on the life of David.

    • chaz Says:

      Who are you kidding? Instead of calling others undereducated, you may want to educate yourself about the extremists in this country that claim to be Christians. You might start by watching the film ‘Jesus Camp’ which profiles what I will call Talibangicals. You are the ignorant one here. Zazzle is to be commended for their actions.

    • hcv Says:

      jennifer, warbler — I think you’re missing Lisa’s point. She is saying that this Psalm is appropriate to quote — if you happen to be King David. She is saying that using it as a way to suggest harm to the President is not appropriate. “Why do ppl feel the need to discredit our/or any elected president?” seems pretty clear.

    • Amy Says:


  10. the problem child Says:

    Good job. I’m glad you are more concerned about your reputation as a business than profiting from hateful incitement to violence.

  11. Stephanie Says:

    I feel relieved and renewed by your decision. It will allow me to continue to look to you for products. I am all for political doscourse but this is a thinly veiled death threat on our President. Whether the bumper sticker named President Bush or Obama, it is wrong. Thank you!

  12. Melody Says:

    Thank you – it takes a thoughtful and courageous management to make the right moral decision. While there is certainly always room in political discourse for disagreement, there is no room for encouraging seditious and violent behavior. Again, thank you so much.

  13. Katharine Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for making the right call. These products were tantamount to cheering for the President’s death, something that is NEVER acceptable in a civil society no matter what your political views. I applaud you.

  14. Diana Says:

    Thank you for making the right choice and removing these disturbing products. I am fine with disagreement with my postions, and I respect your company’s right to advertise products that show disagreement. When the disagreement turns to violence, direct OR implied, then that crosses the line. Thank you again for maintaining free speech, not violent speech.

  15. Madonna Gauding Says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing. Dissent is one thing, but inciting people to physically harm the president of the United States is not only immoral but illegal. That these people consider themselves Christian is ludicrous.

    • Diane Says:

      I suspect the people who are doing this don’t really consider themselves to be Christian; they are manipulating Christians to help them achieve their sinister aims.

      • Lord Koos Says:

        I’m certain the people who are doing this do consider themselves Christians. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  16. Foggycity Says:

    Your decision reflects a strong adherence to ethical business pratices. the concern you have addressd is one of crossing the line from freedom of speech to one of making threats against the POTUS. Those on the far right fringe know full well what Psalm 109 is all about. Many on the far right are being ‘egged on’ by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the far tight to do harm to the president and have clearly crossed the line of what is free speech into threats. In a just and democratic society we do not tolerate this.

  17. Poll: Should Zazzle censor Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8 T-Shirt? | The T-Shirt Review Says:

    [...] you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Zazzle have just announced they won’t be allowing users to sell goods connecting President Barack Obama to Psalm 109:8. [...]

  18. Wayne Says:

    `I’ve never heard of Zazzle before today. I commend you for your decision in helping protect the POTUS. i will review your website offerings and do some Christmas shopping.

    Thank you again

    A military veteran

  19. a Texas mother Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to consider the ramifications of these products and your decision to remove them from your site. Removing products threatening the life of a US President is the right decision for all times, regardless of the person in office.

  20. Christine Says:

    Thank you for this. That campaign is beyond inappropriate. I speak as a devout Christian.

  21. Eileen Says:

    Thank you for your wise decision. Political disagreement is part of a sound democracy. But inciting violence endangers not only the President, but the safety and well-being of our whole society. Again, many thanks.

  22. Todd Says:

    Thank you Zazzle. You made the right decision, thank you for keeping that brand of hate and violence off your website.

  23. Terri MacMillan Says:

    I thank you so much! Speech is one thing. Slimy, veiled threats of physical violence (couched in terms of religion, or American history, no less!) are another matter and must not be tolerated. Any business that handles such a situation with thoughtfulness, and decisive action to protect our real freedom to choose our leader is a winner in my book.

    I will be happy to spread the word about Zazzle’s stance, and your service.

    Thank you again.

  24. Tiffani Says:

    I want to thank you for taking down these horrible products. Political discourse unfortunately is the norm in the US, however these products clearly crossed the line. I appreciate you taking a stand. Peace to you from Tennessee

  25. Jesse Says:

    Thank you. It is wrong to pray for the death of anyone, but especially so in this context. I love disagreement, but not violence, or the wish, prayer, or hope of it either. Thanks for sending a message!

  26. Jen Says:

    Thank you, Zazzle. You’ve done the right thing and I will continue to do business with you and will recommend you to others.

  27. TONI FISHER Says:

    Thank you for the decency and appropriate response to the threat of violence to our President on products. This incredibly unsound and vile threat to our Nation should be identified and eliminated. It serves no American to provoke or suggest violence toward any person–and, in particular, to any President of our Country. Again, thanks for taking prompt action against hatred, fear, and death threats!

  28. Theresa Says:

    Thanks for seeing the danger in these biblical verses against the President. Many Americans are greatful.

  29. Ted Says:

    As a Christian I am ashamed that there are radical fascist fake Christians calling for assassination of our president. Disgusting. Thanks for not selling them.


  30. Julie Says:

    As a staunch advocate of free speech, but an equally vehement opponent of violence and its advocacy, I want to express my appreciation to Zazzle for doing the right thing.

    You have earned a place on my holiday shopping list.

  31. Ravenwind Says:

    I add my thanks to you for quickly recognizing the seriousness of this issue. The good thing is, I just got introduced to Zazzle as a result of this and it’s great.

  32. ruemara Says:

    Thank you for this decision. Dissent is patriotic, but this is just sick threats

  33. KyGuy Says:

    Thank you Zazzle. I look forward to buying products that criticize the president in a humorous way, just as I bought products that criticized Bush. But the Psalm stuff was way beyond acceptable. I’m glad that you took the high road in this instead of thinking only of the bottom line.

  34. Korinthe Says:

    Thank you. This is precisely the correct decision. No matter who is the POTUS, this sort of rhetoric, purposeful fanning of the flames of violence towards that office (or beyond, merely that lone office, or public office in general) is unacceptable, and leads down only one dark, dangerous road.

    I, too, never heard of your site until today, but will peruse it for ideas for Christmas gifts.

  35. C Earl Jr Says:

    “In accordance with federal law” is a pretty powerful motivator… For whatever amount of “In deference to the office of the POTUS” actually influenced this decision, a tip of the hat to you for that…

  36. reese Says:

    Thanks – you’ve done the right thing here.

  37. Adrian Says:

    Thank you for acting fairly and recognizing that murdering the political opposition is the ultimate form of censorship. Shutting down advocacy for such murders strengthens, rather than weakens, the free exchange of ideas.

  38. Donna M. Ellington Says:

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Freedom of speech is one thing. Sedition and soliciting an assassin are quite another! Thanks again for attending to this matter.

  39. Jude Says:

    Thank you for removing these products from your site.

  40. Greg Lamb Says:

    I appreciate the quick response of your team to remove offensive material that seeks to suggest ill will toward the life of our president or other government officials or any citizen in general. The typical humorous or cranky tone of most every other zazzle product is otherwise entertaining and I will endeavor to support zazzle going forward.

  41. Linda Says:

    Why did you offer these goods in the first place? Don’t you do any research at all? You were offering scores of these things and didn’t you wonder what it all meant? I can’t believe you didn’t know.

    • Sally Says:

      Perhaps you are unaware of how a POD (Print On Demand) venue such as Zazzle works. Zazzle does not design the products for sale on their venue. Individual ‘shopkeepers’ upload their designs and receive royalties when the products sell. There are millions of designs offered by a vast multitude of shopkeepers. If every design was vetted before being placed in the marketplace, Zazzle would have so much overhead they could not sell anything due to the prices they would need to charge. They have an excellent content review staff and they actively act on violations of TOU of the site, copyright infringement, hate speech, etc.

      This case was obviously one that was walking a fine line. I applaud their action.

    • TheOctopusGallery Says:

      The products on Zazzle are user-generated and there are millions of products. The staff cannot spend all their time approving every product and can only take action when things like this are brought to their attention.

  42. Chris Says:

    Thank You & Good decision. I’m glad you are more concerned about your reputation as a business than profiting from hate.
    I never heard of Zazzle before today and I will be patronizing your sight in the future.

  43. Very Scared Says:

    Yes. And if you keep reading that Psalm you eventually get to The End of the world… and nobody wants that to happen right? How could somebody pray for such a thing?

  44. Tom Seaview Says:

    Great decision.
    Using the Bible to promote murder, while increasingly common, is never right.

  45. Lydia Says:

    Good call. I will now proceed to your website and purchase something.

  46. Barbara Says:

    I am pleased to see that you will not stand for advocacy of violence. This is a most excellent decision. I am happy that I will now still be able to buy products from Zazzle, instead of being morally bound to boycott you.

  47. Peg Says:

    Thanks so much for removing the merchandise essentially calling for an act of vioence to eliminate our duly elected President of these United States. While criticism of any elected leader is a fundamental right under our system of government, invoking biblical passages to call for the death of the President is not either a right nor an act befitting anyone who calls themself a Christian. These people are free to harbor wishes for violence in their hearts but not in the public marketplace of ideas.

  48. Gisele Says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The people who came up with this horror need to be stopped by any available legal means. I could not stand GWB as president. but never in a million years, would I ever have wished him harm. These people, who say they are Christians, are no better than any other terror mongers who use religion to justify violence.

  49. Mike Says:

    Thank you to Zazzle for taking down the offensive merchandise.

  50. Renee Says:

    Thank you, Zazzle. I was very happy to read this. I’m a loyal customer (my Christmas postcards ordered came to me today and they’re beautiful)/

  51. Kate Slater Says:

    Congratulations, Zazzle. Thank you for a wise decision. Peace!

  52. Diane Says:

    Thank you, Zazzle, for recognizing the difference between free speech and incitement to violence and domestic terrorism. Our country is in bad enough shape without having to worry about some “good Christian/patriot” (NOT) giving Osama bin Laden the ultimate satisfaction of seeing the United States of America completely destroyed from within. Do stay vigilant, please, for more incendiary products of this ilk.

  53. Alison M. Says:

    Kudos to Zazzle for rectifying this situation as quickly as you did. These products were sick. Your actions are appreciated.

  54. Pseu Says:

    Wishing for someone’s death is beyond the pale. But that was not what happened here. This was a joking reference to wishing the guy wasn’t President any more – something lots of people in this country feel. Zazzle overreacted to Obama supporters who either a) really do have paranoid delusions about anyone right of Al Gore being a dangerous freak, or b) just want to convince other people that this is so. This is too bad.

    I’m curious what lefty site is sending all the “thanks for getting rid of this awful stuff!” traffic this way.

    • hyperlocavore Says:

      Read the Psalm please…. wishing the man’s wife becomes a widow and his children is pretty straight forward. And you have plenty of Christians here telling you that it was totally meant as a threat. So please. Peddle it elsewhere.

    • Jesse Says:

      “May his children be fatherless, his wife a widow” Ohahhahahahaha….absolutely hysterical isn’t it?

      Or are you going to take the idiotic position that the very next line has nothing at all to do with anything?

      There are dangerous freaks out there, Pseu. And then there are those who enable them. Here’s a mirror.

    • JB100 Says:

      Psue, one person’s joke is another’s call to action. Following directly on verse 8, verse 9 requests that the leader’s wife be made a widow. Verse 10 asks that his children’s home be destroyed. People who get the supposed joke aren’t the problem. I wouldn’t want to see the fringe-ist element take this as public encouragement to commit a heinous act. Perhaps I am over-reacting but I believe there is a line and that this crosses it.

      I believe in free speech, but I also believe in social responsibility. The response to this situation indicates to me that the larger community still has some sense of decency. Thank you for your reasoned dissent. It keeps the conversation going.

      • Doubtful Says:

        The merchandise does not say Psalm 109:8-10. If it did, your reference would be valid. Let’s not get all worked up about a joking reference made re: one stanza, when 99% of the people have no idea what follows it. Is it a meanspirited reference to wishing his term was over? Yes. Is it meant to incite violence? Hardly. I support Zazzle’s decision to remove the merchandise because of the ensuing controversy, but think we should not assume the merchandise was implying something it wasn’t.

  55. Janet Stonecipher Says:

    Thank you for your decision on this particular product. I am glad that you are continuing “to allow and encourage the submission of products that express disapproval or approval of the President’s policies and actions…” Policies and actions in political discourse are fair game and everyone has his/her right to express an opinion, including on products that you distribute. However, I am very happy that you decided to weigh in on the gravity of this particular message and its potential serious implications. I will tell everyone I know about your decision to do the right thing and will promote your company by name. Again, thank you.

  56. happy Says:

    thank you! The United States should stand together or their will be no UNITED states…..Harm our president in these times and we will see real tyranny. UNITED states of China for example…..

  57. roberta Says:

    Thank you for your decision do business in an ethical manner. Your website is now in my ‘favorites’ and I look forward to shopping with you for the holidays.

  58. Wil Says:

    Thank you for your responsive and responsible decision.

  59. Gina Says:

    Thank you for vindicating my decision last year to set up a store here… I well appreciate the freedom to advocate a viewpoint, using your products as a delightfully visual assist–but there is a line that must be held or our freedom will not last. Kudos for responsiveness, Zazzle.

  60. Deanne Says:

    Thank you for your prompt decision and action of removal of these products.

  61. Gina Says:

    As a Christian, I thank you for this decision (and the diplomatic wording).

  62. wes Says:

    Thank you so much for taking down these products. It really shows a lot of moral courage to stand up to those who are advocating action against President Obama, and there is just no other way to take this “slogan.” I love ordering products from Zazzle and will continue to do so, secure in the knowledge that it is a company I can believe in. Really appreciate the way you handled this.

  63. frazer Says:

    Thank you for this act of responsible citizenship. Free speech is always to be encouraged, but threats and incitement to violence are not.

  64. John W Says:

    Thanks for acting with integrity and decency after this was brought to your attention

  65. d brown Says:

    Thank you for protecting our Democracy

  66. Liz B Says:

    Thank you for your integrity and smarts. I appreciate you all hearing our concerns and taking them seriously. Blessings to all of you.

  67. hawk Says:

    Thanks for standing up for America,these wacko’s need to be uncovered & named.

  68. Karee Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for doing the right and ethical thing. I have always thought you were a good company, and now I know you’re a great and ethical company too.

  69. egm Says:

    Thank you for doing the decent, right thing.

  70. John L. Says:

    Thank you for the speed with which you removed access to this awful stuff. I had not heard of Zazzle before today, but now I will know that you are worth considering for my transactions.

  71. Brian L. Says:

    Thank you for refusing to support this most abhorrent of filth.

  72. Chris Says:

    The right thing to do. Clear thinking people must be ever vigilant of the threat that surrounds us all today. Fascism can be tied up in many pretty bows.

  73. Jay Taylor Says:

    Kudos to you for removing this odious and hateful theme from your merchandise. I assure you I will be letting everyone know about your company’s decency and intelligence, and will encourage all to shop Zazzle and to support your actions.

  74. Colleen A Says:

    Thank you for making the right decision. I wasn’t a customer before today – I am now.

  75. Luly Says:

    Many thanks for this common sense decision. I agree that rigorous debate is vital to our democracy, but these items were not part of a rigorous debate. They were purely inflammatory, and in a most dangerous way.

  76. Suchanut Says:

    Thank you. I heart Zazzle for doing the right thing.

  77. Paul Says:

    Thank you for taking swift and responsible action.

  78. Debbie Says:

    I never heard of Zazzle before but after today’s disclosures I will be back to shop. Kudos.

  79. Paul Heineck Says:

    Good on ya, Zazzle; you did the stand-up thing.

  80. ACLU Supporter Says:

    As a strong ACLU supporter, I thank Zazzle for distinguishing between free speech and hate speech (and moreover, a call to assassinate the president, said in what amounted to a dog whistle).

  81. Kristen Benavides Says:

    Thank you for helping to protect the president.

  82. Andrew Says:

    Everyone, large and small, can do their part to bring our political dialogue back to being rational. You just did yours. Thank you, Zazzle.

  83. Catherine Says:

    Thank you for taking decisive responsible action in helping to protect our president.

  84. Sam Says:

    whew! now i can buy from you again!

  85. Archivist1000 Says:

    I was one of the people who wrote to you about this. I would like to thank you.

  86. Steph Says:

    You’ve taken the right action. I’m all for taunting politicians, and they usually deserve it. However this Psalm 109:8 snip in regard to Obama is clearly beyond the bounds of legitimate criticism, and into a place that the Secret Service should be looking into. Thanks for your correct response to this.

  87. Larry Says:

    Thank you very much for being honorable.

  88. Michael Says:

    Thanks for making the ethical decision. Don’t worry I can’t imagine more than a handful of right wing nutjobs buying that product.
    Let me premptively cut off the “You’re trampling on my freedom of speech!” nonsense.
    The 1st Amendment guarantees free speech, but does not mandate that others have to assist you in spreading whatever crackpot opinion you wish to promote.
    If you’re really believe in praying for the death of the POTUS find a printer you shares your twisted sense of Christianity.
    Alternatively; take that can of spray paint (the one you’ve been saving for touch-ups on your trailer home), and make your own. I’m sure it would only improve that pork and beer stained “wife-beater” of yours.
    Mike from FL

  89. Denise Velez Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for your prompt response, and for showing that you are not just anonymous and cyber, but as a small business you are real people with a concern for the welfare of our Nation, and that you will not support any product calling for the death or assassination of our democratically elected President.

  90. Jeannie Dean Says:

    Excellent response, Zazzle! Came here to give you a piece of my mind – what a nice surprise to see how well you’ve reacted to this very disturbing call to violence. Your response is very much appreciated by this concerned American. I agree with the posters here that you have struck just the right tone with your statement.
    Thanks and hope you get lots of happy eyeballs here because of this & sell a bunch of (non-assasination bating) Tee shirts!

  91. bcameron Says:

    Thank you for your concern and patriotic action. As Americans, civil debate and discussion is ALWAYS welcome. However, dog whistling for harm to come to the President of the United State has no place in our public discourse. Such dangerous behavior is not only a threat against a person, but also a threat to the nature of our republic. Our freedom of speech comes with the responsibility to exercise this freedom in an appropriate manner. Using Biblical verses as veiled threats, or encouragement for murder, is beyond the pale. Thank you for ending this vile effort on your site.

  92. glutz78 Says:

    no brainer really. thanks for nothing.

  93. Ronni Says:

    I agree with other posters that you have done the moral and decent thing. This was quoting scripture for the devil’s purposes. I will put Zazzle in my bookmarks and do some Christmas shopping there.

  94. jeanne alicandro Says:

    thank you for acting responsibly and removing this heinous material.

  95. Jenny Says:

    A good decision. Well done.

  96. matador Says:

    Thank you so much for removing those religious wackjob shirts promoting violence against the president. It gives me hope for my country.

  97. Regina Says:

    I am very saddened by the complicit silence of the Republican Party. Can anyone imagine our country’s domestic relations if someone was to harm our POTUS/FLOTUS. To all corporate enterprises there need to be a sense of loyalty to the country first before profit!

  98. Brian Armentano Says:

    Good decision!!! Thank you very much.

    How did this one get in in the first place? Don’t you review your products first?

  99. shpilk katz Says:

    Responsible commerce is greatly appreciated, and will be rewarded in the marketplace.

    This is not a free speech issue; this is a decision by a merchant to honor American values of respect, and commonwealth.

  100. Kevin Says:

    While speech is a freedom that should be protected at all costs, radical groups providing a dog whistle to any psychotic willing to take up arms against the President of the United States should not be given a platform to spread their hatred. This psalm being referenced is a thinly veiled attempt by a group that should not be given the opportunity by responsible merchants to pass along their vile desires and thanks to Zazzle’s responsibility and ethics they are not being given that chance here. Everyone has the right to disagree, no one has the right to call for assassinations.

  101. Matthew Paul Says:

    Thanks. I think the statement shows a well considered and thoughtful read of the situation. Well done for making the right decision.

  102. 5178Designs Says:

    No matter your political stance, never take the Word of God out of context to justify your feelings towards another, especially when it pertains to violence & death.

  103. Donna Says:

    Bravo Zazzle! You’ve done the right thing in removing this horrid content. Thank you for taking such quick and decisive action. It shows your integrity and makes me proud to be one of those who sells my designs through Zazzle.

  104. Nancy Winningham Says:

    Thanks, Zazzle! So many of us really appreciate that you made the right decision in this case.

  105. Suzanne Says:

    Thank you for making such a wise decision.

  106. Jody Lee Says:

    Thank you for removing this. It’s mind numbingly scary.

  107. Ken M Says:

    As one of the people who sent you an email over this issue, I want to now thank you for your decision. To be clear, I will defend the rights of people to say things that I deem are disrespectful, inaccurate or just plain stupid because I would like the same consideration from them. However, threats of violence are over the line, and should not only be disallowed but actively condemned.

  108. gypsyfish14 Says:

    Thank You Zazzle. I respect the market of free speech – but death threats are bad for business and against the law

  109. Cherie Says:

    PATTING you guys on the back!!

  110. Casey Weinstein Says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing Zazzle. I will continue to use your site.

  111. Alex Says:

    Thank you for your prompt action on this subject. As many others have said, I had never heard of Zazzle before this subject came up, but now will count myself as a supporter. Not that that was the point of this whole thing, but just to let it be shown that doing the right thing does not go unrewarded. Hopefully others will follow your good example of responsibility and common sense.

  112. Jennifer in Colorado Says:

    Thank you for making the right decision. No matter how strongly we disagree with a leader, it is entirely inappropriate to suggest physical violence against any person. I would say that it is entirely unpatriotic and immoral. I only wish the people who would purchase such a product, might see it that way. Compassion, love, understanding will always trump vengeance and hate. Thank you for not spreading hate speech.

  113. Toby Says:

    Thank you for being rational in these difficult times. I will make certain to refer my friends, associates, family and colleagues to your website for the Holidays.

  114. Psalm 109:8 and Good Faith Biblical Interpretation « The View From LL2 Says:

    [...] least one online company has announced it will no longer sell Psalm 109 shirts, although when I checked earlier, the shirt pictured in the image above was still available for [...]

  115. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you. It’s so good to see someone do the right thing.

  116. Matt Retsel Says:

    To assist you in yur efforts, I have referred this matter to the FBI for criminal investigation.

  117. Cliff Says:

    I admire Zazzle for its decision on the Pray for Obama items. And I respect your right (and duty) to continue promoting items that encourage healthy dissent in our government.

  118. SR Says:

    Thank you Zazzle! Yet another reason while I’ll continue to do business with you!!!


  119. Kate Says:

    Thank you for taking down this not so thinly veiled death threat to a fairly and overwhelmingly elected President. It’s one thing to disagree with his holding the office, it’s quite another to encourage his assassination and hide behind the Bible in doing so. You’ve taken a stand for the right thing to do side and I’m sure the haters will threaten boycotts, trash you on hate radio, and criticize you until their faces turn purple and their heads explode. But good people are and always have been the majority and will respect you for this decision. At some point decent people have to say ENOUGH and you just did. Thank you.

  120. hyperlocavore Says:

    Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I have been thinking of using you guys for some merchandise, and this makes that choice easier.
    I do appreciate that your business is built around personal expression, so I understand this was at least an interesting decision for you. I assume you probably also has legal council which told you directly that threats to the President are in direct violation of Federal law.

    I hope that the purchasers of these products take a deep inventory of themselves and perhaps get counseling.

    Thank you for doing the right thing.

  121. Garrett Fitzgerald Says:

    As above, thank you for distinguishing between free speech and thinly veiled hate speech.

  122. Dennis Says:

    Dear Zazzle,

    Well done. I applaud you on acting on this issue and being decisive in doing so. Free speech is a great thing; veiled threats on our President’s life is quite another. Your decision is certainly the most mature, well-reasoned one.


  123. siambalirags Says:

    How many years have ZAZZLE been offering this T-Shirt seeking Execution of President Bush – and how many times have you Sanctimonious Folks Complained like you have today ?
    How many of you are MSNBC Rachel MaddCow Suck-ups ?

    To all 168 of you -

    What do you have to say about this Tee Shirt that is not thinly veiled nothing –

  124. Zazzle refuses to sell Psalm 109 Killwear | The Church of Jesus Christ Says:

    [...] Zazzle refuses to sell Psalm 109 Killwear November 19, 2009 | Posted by Polycarp From here: [...]

  125. B Says:

    Why are these products still listed on your site 24 hours later?

  126. Jan Wilson Says:

    I am a free speech, First Amendment advocate. Even though I am an Obama fan, I would fight for the right for someone else to vote against him or express their opinion of his views and policies.

    However, I genuinely believe that a significant number of people promoting the “Psalm 109:8″ items are rallying support for more than political action. The verse quoted is OK, but the REST of the psalm can too easily be seen as advocating assassination of our President.

    I think your statement above represents an enlightened stance on the subject and I applaud your decision to remove these items from Zazzle’s inventory.

  127. Top Posts « Says:

    [...] Statement on Psalm 109 Products Dear Zazzle Member or Concerned Citizen— Today, there has surfaced a great deal of discussion and debate over certain [...] [...]

  128. Christopher Says:

    A very good decision. I’ll remember it when looking for specialty and custom-designed products in the future.

  129. Donna Says:

    Thank you for your quick response on removing the rest of the Psalm 109:8 content! You have restored my faith in Zazzle. I am spreading the word to everyone I know that you have stood by your word. Thank you so much!

  130. Roberta Says:

    Thank you,…Well done..

  131. AK Says:

    How long will it take to take these items down?

  132. Jim G Says:

    Thanks for removing the incrediblly horrific Psalm 108:9 “pray for Obama’s death” merchandise. It appalls me to realize how many good “christians’ in this sick and pathetic country pray for Sasha and Malia to be orphaned…

  133. Lori Says:

    Thank you. Just placed my first order with Zazzle, now there will be more.

  134. Amy Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is our President or how much you disagree with him – threats shouldn’t be tolerated. Good decision.

  135. eyecontact Says:

    We have your back on this, Zazzle. There are a lot of blogs and chats buzzing about your conscientious high road here. Not everyone in the POD realm has taken this better path.
    The consequences of an honorable decision will repay Zazzle. You are going to see a huge influx of new sellers and buyers because of your decision. But even if that weren’t the case, congratulations on just being decent.

  136. Susan Dianne Rice Says:

    I never heard of your company before tonight, when it was mentioned on the Rachel Maddow Show. She did not suggest that viewers contact Zazzle; I’m doing this of my own initiative.
    THANK YOU for taking a principled stand, even at the risk of lost profits. What you have gained in customers’ esteem is beyond price.
    I’ve read Psalm 109 in context. It clearly propounds the assassination of a sitting President. 109:8 has to be taken in the context of the statements immediately following, as well as in the context of increasingly violent statements made by moronic thugs like Glenn Beck (who has also joked about poisoning Nancy Pelosi), and an alarming trend for the radical right to show up at presidential appearances armed as if for insurrection.
    The anti-Obama rhetoric mirrors that brandished against Dr. George Tiller, the courageous doctor assassinated by yet another far-right extremist from the Taliban wing of the Republican party.
    The right doesn’t just want President Bush replaced. They want him dead. Psalm 109 is not a joke to the fringe; it’s a call to arms.
    THANK YOU again for your courage.

  137. Prayer for Obama: Psalm 109:8 of Hate Says:

    [...] the 109:8 merchandise, including a baby’s bib, to be sold online calling it free speech., another online merchandise store, said it was a threatening and refused to allow vendors to sell [...]

  138. Nancy Says:

    It’s not all removed:

    • Darrel Says:

      It isn’t that Psalm 109 is the problem. It is the implication created by mixing the psalm with “Pray for Obama.” Don’t get confused.

  139. NEW CUSTOMER Says:

    Not only did you make a reasoned decision and explained your choice well, you did it swiftly (but not without due consideration) and did it without asking people to participate in a poll, unlike a competitor of yours who has lost business from at least one person in this country.

  140. Nancy Marshall Says:

    I am very glad that Zazzle took the steps to remove these products from the website. It is more than a good business decision. I have not directly bought anything from Zazzle but I will now. Thanks for taking steps that protect President Obama.

  141. Helen Says:

    Just want to thank you for your responsible and well considered stance on this issue. I know where I will be doing Christmas shopping this year.

  142. Jinx McHue Says:

    Thank you, Zazzle, for caving to the lies of liberals. Thank you for believing the false nonsense of Special Keef and Herr Madcow. Thank you for robbing the majority of Americans of something that a tiny minority of bloviating jerks found offensive.

    And thank you to liberals for actually starting to care about subsequent biblical verses. Perhaps now you’ll start to care about Matthew 7:2.

  143. dave wilkinson Says:

    Thank you! I’m all for great debate, satire, critique and the likes, but praying for harm to come to the president puts us in dangerous waters as a people.

  144. Bulletproof2000 Says:

    Thank you for taking a stands against Hate Groups that misuse the Holy Bible…such people are no different than those who use the Holy Koran to kill in the name of Allah. Under God our nation will continue to be of peace and not hate…

  145. ObamabinBiden Says:

    May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.
    May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.
    May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes.
    May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.
    May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.
    May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.
    May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the Lord; may the sin of his mother never be blotted out.
    May their sins always remain before the Lord, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth.

  146. Kenneth Costley Says:

    Well, at least you helped me to make up mind about purchasing anything from your website. If y’all aren’t concerned enough with free speech, and if the ability to say on a bumper sticker depends on whose nose gets bent out of shape, then obviously you aren’t interested in that portion of the populace who is. Thanks for nothing.

  147. Jane Says:

    Thank you so much Zazzle!! Excellent decision and excellent explanation. I’m all for free speech, civil discourse, and even civil disobedience but the key word is CIVIL. Clearly these products were not civilized a expression.

  148. Ingrid Says:

    As of 11/20, you could still order the Psalm 109 bumper sticker.

  149. Larry Luntsford Says:

    I applaud your sensitivity to this sensitive issue. However, I must point out that as of Friday evening, November 20, 2 days after your statement, your website is still offering bumper stickers for sale with this hateful (Pray for Obama/Psalm 109:8) incitement to violence message at this link:

  150. LavenderLiberal Says:

    Bravo, Zazzle! You did the right thing. Your clear and unequivocal statement restores my faith in the idea that some people still value ethics over profit.

  151. badshvl Says:

    Thank you for caving in to the few over-sensitive bleeding hearts. I know where I will NOT be shopping at all.

  152. DAVID Says:

    Why is it that if someone comes up with a clever saying or bumper sticker using a Bible quote the radical left takes it as a death threat? I am sure it was not meant that way but probably that enough is enough of a President that hates America and wants to change it more towards Euro Socialism. Since when does the left ever look at anything in context? Let’s see…never! How about the first amendment that was taken wrong…read the letters of original intent. Or lets trash the Christians but don’t say anything against Islam that teaches to kill the infidel if they don’t accept Islam and take their possessions. We are being run by the fringe left that wants to destroy what our forefathers were so careful to construct and even said it can’t work without the Bible as the truth to guide it. Why don’t you get a life and take a joke instead of being a bunch of mena spirited jerks. And we are not a Democracy but a representative Republic or what’s left of it.

  153. Roc Rizzo Says:

    Zazzle’s statement is a steaming pile of bovine fecal matter!

    Check the link.
    They still are selling the products that state “Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8″
    Liars Liars Liars!

  154. Trelane Says:

    Thank you for your wise decision to take this offensive material down. There is always room for debate, approval, disapproval, parody, and satire. But material such as this, has no place.

  155. deirdre f Says:

    Congrats to you for doing the right thing. I really do not like banning books, or dialog etc–but this–this smacks of racism and harm. So thank you, again.

  156. Lacy Says:

    Thank you zazzle for taking action and sticking with it unlike the competition, I’ve even blogged about this issue myself

  157. Marie Says:

    He needs prayers hopefully God guides him in the Right direction. Sad that prayer for him is being used in a bad way Prayer should always be used for good ! Never for bad ! Granted Obama is not doing any good for the country so far not one thing good. But get real who ever prays for his demise is wrong in doing so. If you pray then please pray for good to come from his presidency ask God to guide him to do good for the country and the people. Not for bad things to happen to him. He is a human being just like you and me and no one should ever be praying for evil to happen to a person .

  158. D Jones Says:

    I wonder if there would be all this “concern” from those here if it was directed at George Bush. I don’t believe so.
    This is probably the only biblical verse the muslim obama knows, (Yes he did say to George Stephanoplis at the end of a sentence,
    “My Muslim Faith” and did not correct it until corrected by the host.) Now no one forgets his faith like that. Wake up America.

  159. sunshine Says:

    To me you are all missing the boat on this one. As a Christian and a conservative this bumper sticker has NOTHING to do with praying for harm to come to the is about praying for a change in 2012 for a different administration. We should all be praying for protection over him and all who serve this country, whether we agree with their politics or not. Don’t be looking for something else other than vs. 8 of Chapter 109, which states hope for a change. It doesn’t reference the whole chapter!

  160. Sandi Says:

    A great many of us were happy to see this bumper sticker available and are ready to purchase it. It is disheartening when you see the number of bumper stickers suggesting that we ‘Whack Bush,’ that you would pull a product far less suggestive and one requiring some research before one even knows the words of the phrase. The First Amendment Rights apply to everyone, even those being pressured by an administration to get behind them or be silenced. That phrase is exactly what the First Amendment was designed to protect-the right of the citizens of this country to express their feelings. Flag burnings, hateful messages toward politicians and corporations have been seen throughout our history. If this had been directed at the prior administration and been forced from the market place, the ACLU would have been all over our this. It would have been seen as harmless and all-in-good-fun. Why would you roll over on this now?

  161. William Presson Says:

    Youre kidding me right? There is no threat in that bible verse ! You sold out, you caved and there is no freedom of speech or democracy as you claim when you do so.

  162. Susan Kidder Says:

    Thank you for this decision. I am a fervent supporter of 1st Amendment Rights, and I agree with the ACLU that the real test of such commitment is a willingness to allow the American Nazi Party to air its views. I do, however,I draw the line at advocating the assassination of the President of the United States – whether blatantly stated or couched in religious symbolism. THANK YOU for doing the right thing.

    • Michael Says:

      Translation: Susan believes in HER 1st Amendment Rights but if she disagrees with what you say, she will draw a long slipper slope argument to justify censorship.

      You suck.

  163. PennyB Says:

    There is nothing in the bumper sticker or the biblical reference that suggest harm to Obama. It was merely a creative method of stating disagreement with the radical policies that this administration is consistently promoting without regard to the majority of
    American citizens who are opposed to these actions as shown in numerous and diverse polls. I believe there were similar stickers illuding to removing Bush and other former presidents from office. Too bad Zazzle doesn’t have a spine. This action and the input that prompted it have nothing to do with fear for a president and more, much more, to do with a biggoted attitude toward conservative values and references to God and the Bible. Now what is that about equality in the Constitution? I think I heard somewhere that the Constitution guarantees us free speech. Just another pathetic showing of cowtailing to the politically correct who seem to think that they can dictate the rules for others that they don’t follow themselves. Sorry, Ziggle. You lost a sale! As soon as I finish this response and copy your decision and my response and send it to everyone on my email and FB list, I will push delete!

  164. KEVIN Says:

    Zazzle way to bow down to the Obama nightmare & to his kool-aid drinking supporters. Where in the verse does it say about death to th president? Its the verse ,not the whole chapter that they are refering to.Way to stand by freedom of speech & the right to dissagree with the government! For all you Obama lovers I will find a place to by the sticker & will put it on my truck! Why you ask?/ I am an AMERICAN & I believe in what are forfathers did & died for . GOD BLESS AMERICA! IS IT 1-20-2013 YET?

  165. William Presson Says:

    Diana Butler Bass of the religion blog Progressive Revival described it as “a sort of right-wing Christian equivalent of the old ’01.20.09′ stickers looking forward to the end of the Bush era.”

    While an American Civil Liberties Union official expressed concern about hostility toward the president, she didn’t criticize the slogan in an interview with The Christian Science Monitor because Verse 8 is only about removing him from office.

    Above are from a quote from the ACLU today,even the ACLU doesnt believe the bumper sticker is a “threat” to anyone, they and the Progressives equate it to the left wing “01.20.09″ anti Bush bumper stickers. It was OK, to be hateful and outright hostile towards Bush, but its not ok to show dissent in even the most “polite “way towards obama. No freedom of speech here, no democracy no first amanedment violation here is there?

  166. Todd Says:

    you people are pathetic!!!! Those of you who confuse what has been said on this bumper sticker says nothing about harming or killing President Obama. It says LET HIS DAYS BE FEW; AND LET ANOTHER TAKE HIS OFFICE.

  167. PDG78 Says:

    I am beyond dissappointed with the decision to discontinue products that specifically referenced Psalms 109:8. 109:8 is a specific reference to a limited verse in the bible. It is intellectualy dishonest to say that by extension it includes verse 9 and beyond. Nice job playing this one liberals, continue your march toward full control of the press. You’re wrong on this one zazzle.

    • squidder Says:

      I am fully aware that books of religion get the “That’s not what I take away from the [insert religious text here]” addendum. I do find it humorous that the book(s) talked about here were assembled into the “bible” or “canon” by men (not a divine entity) quite some time ago. That’s right, they were separate writings merged together based on what the council at the time determined to be important and why the bible has “books”. I wonder how that “book” read before it got merged with all of the others? I am sure that the person who penned that part of psalms wanted people to extract just that one verse out and exclude the rest of the story that goes with. I am sure that the people who are attracted to this shirt will also stop reading there.

      Any time I bring up intolerant or otherwise hateful bible verses I am always told, “you can’t take one verse out of context”…. So , it’s ok to take one verse out of context as long as you support what it says but not ok to take one verse out of context to point out the intolerance it preaches? Intellectually dishonest? I think it would be intellectually dishonest to wear this shirt and believe you are in line with the teachings of jesus (if you subscribe to them).

  168. Ann Jones Says:

    As a Christian, never in my wildest mind would I have ever intepreted this as a call to violence about the president. Instead, I see it is a call to action to remove him from office by the means that the US constitution grants us – by not re-electing him or by impeachment.
    Christians do not encouage death wishes or encite violence. Those who think they do are sadly mistaken.
    We do pray for our president – mostly that God would bring Obama to repentence, and we also do pray that he is removed from office. But no one wants him to die before he has had time to understand the saving grace of Jesus. We feel that way about all of our opponents.
    I am disappointed to see an outlet for free speech to make this call. Fortuately, there are other businesses with more bravery.
    It amazes me too that for how often Christians are called humorless, our humor is maligned when it happens. Believe me, I have seen a lot of bad taste come from the Left, much of which was much nastier. I am not really surpised by the two-faced approach I see here. Just very sad.
    Yes, we are praying for our President, that his days in office may be few, that he can do no more harm to our country. And we pray that his supporters will see that this emperor is not only naked, but is charging the country for his non-existant clothes. May God open the eyes of all.

    • Denice P. Says:

      Thank you for your comments. I kept reading and reading, and you were the first I read who voiced my sentiments exactly. This man has done so much harm to our country that I cannot begin to expressn my concerns. I simply have to keep in mind that God is sovereign and establishes all rulers. I believe with my whole heart that Obama is being used by God to bring things to an end. The U.S. does not appear to be present in Revelation, so we will either not exist and be so insignificant that we are of no import. Obama may be God’s tool to bring this to reality. I hope not, for the sake of our children, but it is difficult to not believe otherwise. Thus, I do pray that his days will indeed be few and that he will be removed from office by some legal means.

    • Max Says:

      But that’s the thing, it’s so much more than that. The verse is literally about killing someone, not just about taking him out of office in constitutional ways. You’re taking the verse out of context if you’re suggesting that it’s anything less than a call to arms.

  169. Carolyn Says:

    Funny how those t shirts with death to Bush etc. were just peachy keen.

    • Moe Says:

      I think is considered different because it’s related to Christianity. Since the world hates Christ and for the most part religion, it’s no wonder this is a controversy. Now – hating, mocking, dehumanizing, and even threatening Ex-President Bush is more acceptable because it originated from a non-religious perspective and is probably honored under the Freedom of Speech.

      So to sum it up. If it’s Christ related let’s hang it on a cross.If it’s pagan related let’s rejoice and spread the hate. That’s fair.

  170. Teka Harris Says:

    Thanks Zazzle!

    Printing materials that blatantly threaten our country is something for dark and evil people.

  171. Larry Says:

    YEA Zazzle !!!!!!

  172. Robert Says:

    It is clear that that those who use Psalm 109 in reference to our legitimately elected president — a man who took office a mere 10 months ago, voted in by a wide majority of the American people — are using their religion as a weapon. The Psalm in question contains the verse, “May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.” Anyone who is not troubled by the intention of that reference cannot be a genuine Christian. Zealotry and thinly veiled threats against the life and family of the President of the United States are blatently and thoroughly anti-American.

    Thank you, Zazzle, for doing the right thing.

    • Denice P. Says:

      If the intent was to include statements beyond verse 8, then those verses would have been included when the verse was cited. People need to thank their lucky stars that Christians are indeed praying daily for Obama and his administration. My husband and I pray together and separately on a daily basis, and yes we do pray that his days be few. We are praying that he will either be removed by legal means or serve as a one term president. We also pray that God would protect our nation and that He would not turn His eyes from our nation because of the evil of Obama and his administration. Have you either thought that it is prayers such as these that help our country and help Obama? If anything, individuals who support the actions of him and his administration are “thoroughly anti-American.” His actions tell me that he must hate American, Christians, democracy, and the military. Have you even looked at the list of his various “czars” and other appointees. Do you ever listen to Fox or read anything other than liberal publications? There is so much that the public in general does not know that it is obsolutely frightening. He is surrounded by socialists, extremists, liars, and crooks. In time we will truly reap what he has sown. Furthermore, if you know anything about the Bible and covenant at all, you should realize that If he ever turns his back on Israel we are doomed. I would proudly display this bumper sticker if I had one, except for the fact that liberals would no doubt damage my car. That, my friend is hate, not a prayer that the obamanation on the White House would be removed by legal and just means (not physically harmed in any way) and quickly!!!!!!!!!!

  173. roger reitmaier Says:

    gutless – PC at it’s worst. What a laughable leap to call Psalm 109 a death threat. Get a life!

  174. debbie Says:

    It is truly amazing how people who critize Christianity really know very little about the Bible or our faith. If a person truly is a Christian they follow the ten commandments. One of the “biggies” demands that “Thou shall not kill”. We are allowed to take all of our petitions to God but we are not allowed to ever kill! No, the entire passage of scripture (Psalm 109) is not about killing. It is about a frustrated David who was discouraged and tired of the mess asking God to just fix it all. But….he was going to leave it in God’s hands. Just as he did with Saul when he had two chances to kill him and refused. Christians don’t kill.

    Then – if you really knew our faith – you would also know that this is an old Testament verse. While we often refer to the old Testatment – we do not live by it. It is more like a “history” of our faith. We live by the New Testatment where there are hundreds of verses that command us to Pray for our enemies – to let God handle our enemies and to never take revenge but rather to allow God to decide on punishment.

    Christians pray – we do not kill. Quoting this verse is not dangerous. Unfortuanately, there were many hateful things that were promoted about Bush and still remain on this site. Many sayings that could be interpreted to mean bodily harm to President Bush.

    I am encouraged about one thing however. If you are so ignorant about the Christian faith, perhaps that’s why most people are also so ignorant about the Muslim faith. I’ve read the Koran. They are not asked to simply pray. They are told to kill family members as well as the infidel Americans. Now I wonder….would any of you be upset if a good muslim designed a t-shirt with their scriptures on it?

    Ignorance is not bliss – ignorance usually means trouble.

  175. George W Says:

    Sad commentary and decision to pull the Psalms 109:8 sticker. In my mind, the intent of the verse is that this President’s “reign” be “1 Term and Out,” particularly with the Romans 13:1 sticker that you will continue to allow on the site – if we are even still Blessed enough to have an opportunity to participate in a free, fair Presidential Election ever again. You are imposing assumptive “intent and motive” into Psalms 109:8 that is fear-based, not discernment – you have succumbed to inhibiting our First Amendment Rights as sellers and buyers. While this is also your right to do as a company, I also make my choice, and will share with my friends and family members – to not be purchasing anything from a Zazzle site in the future. May I direct you to “The Truth Project” to understand my position on your cowardice.

    • Paula Newman Says:

      @George W: be honest, you h ate Obana for whatever your reasons are, and do not appreciate that death threats against him have been cut off on the Zazzle site. You’re a right wing bigot, and you kind already have an inordinate voice in what goes on in this country. Witness the years from 2001 to 2008. Our nation has been brought to its knees by GOP fascists, and you stilll are on their side! Don’t you care about this country at all? Are you really that devoted to conserving the power of the rich?

  176. Paula Newman Says:

    I’m glad to see that Zazzle addressed this issue. There are still plenty of anti-Obama hate products on Zazzle, but since free (hate) speech is presumably guaranteed by the Constitiuion, I suppose we can expect that the sellers of these products will be allowed to exercise their right to free (hate) speech. I’m glad one of the idiots suggested murder, if if only because it forced Zazzle to face to take a stand.

    Sure, we’re allowed freedom of speech, but are we guaranteed the right to use a platform as powerful as the web to spread our hateful ideas? I hope not.

  177. Paula Newman Says:

    “Zazzle will continue to allow and encourage the submission of products that express disapproval or approval of the President’s policies and actions, but Zazzle will not permit products that may be interpreted to suggest violence toward the President”

    I’m not really sure why Zazzle would encourage the submission of such products. If you want to allow them because of the right to free speech, okay, and because they increase your profits, okay, but why would you encourage hate, regardless of its object?

  178. Acore48 Says:

    Thank you for this statement and your position against violent and hateful messages.

  179. Denice P. Says:

    As a Christian and a believer in the inerrancy of the Bible, I am to pray for the leaders of our country. While I wish Obama no physical harm, I do pray that his days be few and that a man of ethics with a love of God and not Allah be in his place. He has done more to harm this country than any president in our nation’s history, and I believe with my whole heart that he truly hates America. I fear for my child and her future. I fear for the elderly who will be impacted the most by his evil heathcare plan. I grieve for the unborn whose lives are snuffed out every few seconds because of him. I grieve for our military who cannot get the support the need. I grieve for small business owners who will lose their livelihood as a result of his taxation demands. I grieve for those of us who have worked hard all of our lives and will be taxed to death to pay for his debt and not have any retirement funds on which to base the future. I grieve for the ignorant who just wanted Bush our of office so badly that they failed to inform themselves about the truth of Obama. So yes, I pray daily regarding this man. I pray that God does not turn his face from our nation, and I pray that He will protect us from further harm, and I pray for a one term presidency. Thus, if you pull Psalm 109:8 out of context, and view the verse in isolation, it is not hateful in its intent. Just because there are those of us who want him out of office doesn’t mean that some plot is afoot to harm him in any way. That is unChristlike. I want him legally removed from office and am not ashamed to admit it. And, by the way, I don’t have one of the bumper stickers on my car. Why? Because I am worried that it will be keyed or kicked in or whatever. And you liberals call coseratives mean-spirited. I think the bumper stickers should indeed be avialable for those who are brave enough to display them.

    • Mike Palmer Says:

      well said Denice!

    • Randall Says:

      Yeah. Well said except for the Allah part. And everything after that. It’s hard to give someone credit for saying anything “well” when they’re so woefully misinformed. President Obama’s opponent in 2008 had to pull the microphone out of the hand of a person just like you. John McCain was right to stop that woman from spreading the completely idiotic notion that the President is a Muslim. He is to be commended for – even in the midst of a heated contest for the highest office in the land – having the integrity to stop a lie being told in his presence.

      “And, by the way, I don’t have one of the bumper stickers on my car. Why? Because I am worried that it will be keyed or kicked in or whatever. And you liberals call coseratives mean-spirited.”

      Put the bumper sticker on your vehicle. If it gets “keyed or kicked” and you can prove the political affiliation of the person who did it, THEN you can complain about liberals hypocritically calling “coseratives” mean-spirited. Until then, maybe you shouldn’t shake your finger at people in prejudice.

  180. The different mindsets of the left and the right | Says:

    [...] on tshirts, mugs, and bumper stickers, hoping that he will, somehow die.  Fortunately, places like zazzle recognize this craziness and has banned [...]

  181. W D Rice Says:

    What cow-towing!
    The tee shirt did NOT include verse 9, so all arguments from that point are based upon spin and lie.
    Not much on the 1st Amendment freedoms, are we?

  182. Robert Enduro Says:

    It’s hard to defend free speech when you don’t agree with. To me, the most precious form of free speech is that which I vehemently oppose.
    I am proud to live in a country where I can witness the irony of its citizens burning her flag. In most countries, you would be SEVERELY penalized for such “speech”!
    If we pat each other on the back for protecting speech we all agree with, it’s not that big of a deal.

    The reference is for Psalm 109:8. “May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.”
    To say that since the text continues is a threat of violence to the POTUS can be debated.
    The reference is for Psalm 109:8.
    People see if differently.

    A group of people were offended, and it was removed.
    Money talks. (“I’ll buy from you now!…) (Thank you for not selling this to my neighbor…)

    I hope no one is ever in a position where they are the only one with a particular opinion and they are silenced.
    That’s not was America is about.
    Censorship is censorship.

    Mob mentality is what got some people pushing other people into boxcars.

    You people scare me.

    • thepoliticalcat Says:

      It’s scary to see the extent of ignorance that people in this country suffer from regarding their own Constitution. Free speech, as defined in the Constitution, prevents *the government* from interfering with speech that can be construed as having political content. Zazzle is not the government, and is not obliged to give protection to the speech of those who offend its customers with their hate. Try to understand that.

  183. Gary Duerksen Says:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    The totality of Psalms 109:8 reads “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” Period. One must read further into Psalms to find the imprecations that are attributed as “threats” against the President. Apparently nobody has taken the trouble to read the biblical text, only to react to assertions made by others — Zazzle included.

    I find no threat, implicit or explicit, in this bumper sticker, only a heartfelt prayer for change. We have seen far worse in our recent political history, as well as “change we can believe in.” Psalms 109:8 is change that I can believe in.

    • thepoliticalcat Says:

      Apparently, Mr. Duerksen, you failed to notice some of the truly offensive bumper stickers sold by someone calling themselves Nobamaman. They may be seen here:

      • Mike Palmer Says:

        @political cat: since I’m certain you nevr protested the “Kill Bush” shirts, buttons, etc for 8 years, spare us your hypocrisy.

      • Randall Says:

        @Mike Palmer: Let’s assume that thepoliticalcat is a hypocrite. This would mean that the two situations are the same, and she/he reacted differently to one in preference over the other. Which means the Psalm 109 stuff really was a call for violence against the President. Given that, where is your protest? Or are you in favor of violence directed at any President?

  184. Richard Bottoms Says:

    Very well done.


  185. Mary Says:

    As i browsed through the webste ZAZZLE looking for a very nice gift for a pet lover, i came across the anti-obama hats. I can’t believe how offensive these products are!
    I WILL NOT purchase from this store and i will be sure to tell all my friends and family the same. DO NOT purchase from ZAZZLE.

  186. Eric Says:

    I agree 100% with Gary Duerkson above. There is nothing sinister about the use of this Scripture to express a heartfelt desire to see change. In this case it’s the hope that there is not another term. The progressive media is twisting that to mean that we want to see him dead. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Where was this pompous media when sites were selling “Buck Fush” bumper stickers (and worse). How about the disappointment that was registered when Cheney or Bush were not killed because of a foiled terrorist plan or hunting accidents?

    Thanks for cancelling my order Zazzle. I’m glad my money is not going to you. I’ll shop elsewhere in the future.

  187. Jon Says:

    ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING? To spin the Psalm as meaning death is ridiculous and petty. Anyone who claims this is 100% basing it on partisan BS. Those of us who understand the agenda of Obama are hoping that he does not get a second term, or that he gets impeached for his anti-American agenda. Only a few sick, ignorant fools would like to see him dead. Probably the same percentage of sick, ignorant fools who wanted to see Bush dead…probably less, but I will give the benefit of the doubt…but if it were not so hateful of you to actually spew this drivel, it would be laughable that you spin this as a physical threat.

    • Randall Says:

      Anyone who claims that President Ovama’s agenda is “anti-American” can make no claim to understanding it. Disagree with it if you like – I do – but don’t pretend you understand the agenda if you think it’s “anti-American”.

  188. ignorant politcally Says:

    The creators of this psalms 109 t-shirt knew this was malicious and wish harm on the President. This prayer is prayed when you have ought against your enemy and want harm to come to them. Do know be deceived, that this was innocent, I know and of course, now I am ashamed to be called a “Conservative Christian”. Now I understand the hate that lies and wait for those that somehow are not like them.

  189. thepoliticalcat Says:

    Dear Zazzle,

    Thank you so much for taking the appropriate action here. Title 18 of the USC, S871, specifies the nature and elements of the crime that the actions of seller Nobamaman constitute. Your swift response to persons such as Nobamaman give me hope that the tenor of civil discourse in this great nation is not irreversibly destroyed.

  190. showme69 Says:

    Political correctness kills, not bumper stickers.

  191. Dusty Says:

    A bumper sticker? Are you for real? BHO’s sicrurity is at its max. He’s received over 400% more threts than any other president in history. Ya pray for him and the great nation that he took an othe to protec.

  192. Mikee Boy, Confounding Father Says:

    Oh, Brother. I mean, Oh, Big Brother. How’s it feel to be part of the establishment now Zazzle Team? Hey, somebody find something similar in the Koran for me quick- because then it would be OK and immune to any criticism. I’m just sayin……. Glenn

  193. ESTELLA M. DAVIS Says:


  194. Eliza Says:

    This IS a Democracy. All thoughts are allowed, providing they remain thoughts. This is the freedom we’ve lived with for centuries. AND I agree completely with Estellla..Barack Obama is perhaps NOT a president at all, by law. Only time will provide that answer. Methinks most of the posts here are by liberals.

    • Randall Says:

      CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, TNN, TNT, ESPN, and every other channel that provides even a patina of news already provided the answer to whether or not Obama is, after all, the President. The answer was, “yes.” Grow up.

  195. Jes Says:

    It’s interesting that if we post a bumper sticker that said “Pray for Bush: Psalm 109:8″ no one would think the worst but post “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8″ and people immediately think we’re plotting an association!

  196. sarah Says:

    I agree with Jess.. If this were about Bush it would not be an issue. I think people need to read the passage again because it does not have anything to do with causing harm to Mr. Obama. It is just saying that we pray that his stay in office is short and that another be put in charge. Where does that say that The president should be hurt? Lighten up people we are not trying to kill your prescious leader. We just hope that he is not ever re-elected.

  197. Ric Ford Says:

    My guess is you were threatened by the Obama administration which is doing it’s very best to destroy America. Another shot at the Constitution. Another Obama stab at killing Freedom of Speech. Shame on you Zazzle!!

  198. David Mills Says:

    Obama uses violence, and the threat of violence, every day, against us, to take our money and now our health care.

    What kind of monster would tell us that we shouldn’t use violence to then defend ourselves?

    Only a depraved, mentally sick person would not want to see Obama killed. (Assuming that Biden and Pelosi were also killed, and hopefully as many other tyrants as possible.)

    Bottom line: I was about to buy some bumper stickers from zazzle, then I saw this, and now I would never purchase anything from zazzle.

    • Joe Says:

      GOD BLESS YOU! We need more Americans like you!

    • Randall Says:

      How exactly did this idiotic, sociopathic comment pass moderation?

      By the way, “Joe”, we need NO Americans like David Mills. Fortunately, Mills is not really much of an American, anyway.

  199. Susan Budak Says:

    If you are going to be consistent about not promoting products that suggest violence to others, I think you need to take a good look at This “artist” has several products that promote rape (favorite fruit is a pear and my favorite hobby . . .) and harm/degradation of women! Please examine this “artist’s” site!

  200. Alex Says:

    I think most folks neither know nor care what the next verse is nor what the book contains. They merely wish a closure to an unpopular administration. Many wish the president would go away and many more hope this will be his only term. They wish nobody harm and certainly not the President.

    For crying out loud! Lighten up! It’s a JOKE!

    Surly there are more important matters to take up than this?

    Such as exactly what Obama did to deserve that Nobel Peace Prize.

    Just kidding. Since nobody really knows, that’s not worth talking about either. :-)

    • Randall Says:

      Look about two comments upthread, and you will see that for some, it is no joke. David Mills seems to think it’s a-okay to want the President to die.

  201. r munn Says:

    try reading the bible read the verse there is zero harm you guys been had

  202. Kevin Says:

    PC Wussies – So much for freedom of speech and you “threat” to Obama rational is ludicrous.

  203. Cindy Says:

    If this was a matter that involved liberals they would be howling at the top of their lungs about “censorship” and “free speech rights”. The bumper sticker does not have any violence connotation and should be allowed. It simply implies that his political days are limited. Since when has having a political opinion not allowed? The bigger issue is it’s not the left howling for their rights. Now that’s funny.

  204. Mark Bartholomew Says:

    Where can I buy one? These career politicians are career liars. President Obama is the worst kind… a lawyer that tells half truths.

  205. James Joyce Says:

    I agree with this policy; however, many of my liberal friends have a very short memory about the abuse heaped upon George W. Bush, in particular I’m thinking of the movie that was made in Canada, and shown in this country, about the assassination of George Bush as he was serving in office. I heard nary an objection about this. We should not be doing things like this regardless of the politician involved.

  206. Jennifer Says:

    It is completely absurd to remove any products referencing Psalm 109:8 from your site or any other site. The thought of a “death wish” never crossed my mind. It is an obstruction of the First Amendment of our great Constitution to ban the sale of these items. I have never placed a bumper sticker on any vehicle I’ve ever owned, however, I would have prominently displayed this one! Why are my conservative friends afraid to speak out?

  207. Larry Says:

    Why is there so much ANTI Bush stuff being sold here at Zazzle…? If we cannot look to Psalms 109 material why is the anti bush material left for sale? Doesn’t this bring hatred and potential for a death threat on the former presidents life as well?

    The one sided stance floors me, the tolerant left is the most intolerant group next to some of other faiths not to be mentioned here.

    I won’t be shopping Zazzle until this ie either allowed or all political stuff is removed. If your going to blur the views of one camp, blur both sides and offend everyone. FYI I couldn’t stand Bush’s policies.

  208. eliot Says:


  209. kevin Says:

    they haven’t removed it if you look at their website its all back up i just checked today.

  210. Becca Says:

    Right thing my ass! Religion is bullshit and so is the president! Who cares!? It is a JOKE any way LOL! And a VERY good one at that!

  211. Godless Heathen Says:

    This so-called “discussion” over a quote in a work of fiction will do more to convert people to Atheism than anything else. So thank you Christian Talibanists for bringing the crazy to christianity. Jesus, Barney, Santa and the Tooth Fairy all thank you!

    • Michael Says:

      What does Barney Frank have to do with this discussion? He is real and a lot of our problems have been caused by him and his ilk.

  212. JCH Says:

    I see there are many sheep, that need to follow, if there is no end other then the slaughter house.
    Many seem to think others in power will make there lives better. Well thy only take and give nothing back.
    If you are looking fore something free, get out of my world. Most earn what they get.
    Get a job and go to work, rather then spending your time protesting for what you do not have. You have nothing since you spend all your time protesting.

  213. Michael Says:

    Who wants to quote the bible anyway? I just want a shirt with FAIL stamped over his face. After all, there is no way to deny that he is as over-hyped as they come.

    The libtards are out in force to defend the messiah. Bring on the censorship!! (just like a true statist)

  214. jg Says:

    It is not Zazzle’s place to interpret the Bible for everyone as the Bible is specific to each individual. A passage might mean something to someone one day and then something totally different the next time they read it. It just depends on what is going on in their life at the time. Just look at religious zealots that kill in the name of their God. (Not only Christians and radical muslims either) With that said, to be equally fair to both sides of the argument; zazzle should then discontinue selling all merchandise that reference the Bible as some religious radical could interpret them wrong too. Regardless of the context of the entire passage! So zazzle, if you believe your position is to pontificate then change your website to one that does with a common based theme either for or against religion. You can’t be all things to all people.

  215. RF Says:

    I don’t know but did zazzle take a stand against such imagined or real threats against President Bush? Just asking.

  216. ken Says:

    Thanks to zazzle for doing what is obviously the right thing, and not tacitly supporting violence against our president. Like him or not, he is our president, and deserves our respect.

  217. ashton Says:

    It obviously is meaning his time in office should be few and far between. Way to stretch things.

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