Newsweek on Zazzle!


Here’s some Zazzle NEWS, Newsweek just opened a store on Zazzle! Now you can get Newsweek t-shirts, Newsweek mugs, Featured Newsweek magazines and more all in their Zazzle store. My personal favorite is the Stephen Colbert Newsweek edition that’s just truthy journalism. Shop the Newsweek Store now!

newsweek t-shirts newsweek magazine poster newsweek mug

4 Responses to “Newsweek on Zazzle!”

  1. Damien Says:

    Cool!!!!! I love Newsweek!!!

  2. eyecontact Says:

    I love Stephen Colbert! He’s brilliant AND it’s brilliant of Newsweek to feature Colbert and open a Zazzle presence all at once. What fun!

  3. Marie Says:

    News week for the newsy new…. thatwhichisgood and so many other stores for smiles and hope. Happy Holidays and Many Blessings!

  4. LorrieM Says:

    Wow! What a great idea to have Newsweek here at Zazzle! They must have many great images to share for Zazzle products! I look forward to seeing their store!

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