For the first deal of Christmas, Zazzle gave to me…

A pack of cards for friends and family!

50% off 10+ cards, photo cards and invitations!

Use code: 12DEALSCARDS

‘Tis the season to save with Zazzle’s 12 Deals of Christmas! The 12 Deals of Christmas is a series of amazing daily deals on a variety of Zazzle products! Each day there’s a different deal to help you get your holiday shopping done on Zazzle. Of course the deals go along with the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (you can use the song to figure out what the next deal is) and because there’s a song there’s a video! Check out the video each day of the Zazzle staff singing the 12 Deals of Christmas! Shop Now!

8 Responses to “For the first deal of Christmas, Zazzle gave to me…”

  1. steve Says:

    neato! check out my store*

  2. artladymanor Says:

    Great deal! Check out my shop for photo greeting cards.*/

  3. Shane Says:

    Happy Holidays Zazzle !
    You guys rock

  4. NADIRA Says:

    that was great

  5. nefera Says:

    lovely idea zazzle team ! i wish you a merry christmas and happy new year in advance , you all do great job ! thank you :)

  6. Cherie Says:

    I agree with nefera, wonderful work, products, people, ideas and motivation…keep up the great work, Blessings to you all, happy Christmas and happiest new year!!

  7. Elenaind Says:

    Great work! Happy Holidays to all! :)*

  8. BeezKneez Says:

    Happy Holidays, everyone!
    We have lots of popular, trendy holiday photocards, cards, and postage available! Come take a peek!

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