A Visit to SJSU


There’s a lot of super smart people working at Zazzle.  Many of them attended Stanford or Cal, but there are other schools represented.  I did my Master’s in Human Factors and Ergonomics through the excellent program at San Jose State University, while still working my day job.  My advisor while there was Dr. Anthony Andre, and he recently invited me to come back and talk to his current crop of students about what I do at Zazzle and how I have put my degree to use in the “real world”. As someone who moved from User Interface Design into Product Management, I have a somewhat non-traditional job for a Human Factors degree.

Last month, I visited the SJSU ISE 290 class and talked about Product Management, User Interface Design and how these roles fit in at Zazzle.  And, of course, I presented a few case studies about how good interaction design benefits Zazzle customers.

Mike T at SJSU

Mike T presents to ISE 290 class at SJSU

Some things that we discussed:

1.  Product Management 101:  look for problems and create solutions, don’t make a solution and look for a problem it might solve.  At Zazzle we’re always striving to solve problems for our customers.

2.  Talk To and Listen To your customers.   This is important for UI Designers and Product Managers.

3.  How UI Designers work with Product Managers

4.  How UI Designers make excellent Product Managers

5.  Case study: Zazzle Product Page re-design.  More on that in a future blog post!

And just to show that Zazzle has something for everyone, even User Interface Designers, here’s a few related products

Fitts Law T-Shirt

UI Designers have to remember Fitts' Law!

UXWear T-Shirt

User Experience T-Shirt

Requiremens Mousepad

Requirements gathering is one of the first steps in the process

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One Response to “A Visit to SJSU”

  1. Tanya Bond Says:

    No.2 (talk to and LISTEN TO….) – that’s what I totally love about zazzle!!!!!

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