Zazzle Suit Day


Working for an internet company has its perks, one of which is liberal dress code. But, sometimes you just have to class it up a bit – say hello to Suit Day! See below for picture of some of the Zazzlers donning their fine duds.

Suits play ping pong too!

8 Responses to “Zazzle Suit Day”

  1. Annalee Says:

    Ping pong at break = great!

  2. Phyllis Says:

    this is so funny. You guys look so uncomfortable.

  3. Dynomoose Says:

    Wait, no Zazzle ties? I’m shocked!

  4. Kanweienea Kreations Says:

    Awesome pictures. I must agree with Dynomoose though, no Zazzle ties???

  5. Mike Says:

    Ahhhh!!! Dynomoose is totally right! How did we forget the Zazzle ties???

  6. Ricky Buchanan Says:

    This really cracked me up! Most companies have a casual-clothes-day every so often … Zazzle has a suit day.

    I love you guys so much!

    Also, got my stuff for the Lampson ankle post in the mail – thanks so much :) Now I gotta sumbit action shots for Zazzle Foto Friday *bwahaha*

    I’m really wanting to design a T-shirt with a suit printed on it now, but I’d need closer to whole-chest printing to do justice to a collar and printed tie – don’t think the current Zazzle printing will do :(


  7. Shannon Says:

    You guys have such bland cubicles. You should spice them up with stuff from zazzle stores. Especially mine.

  8. Carolyn McFann Says:

    Looking good, guys (and girls). You need some of our computer mousepads and coffee mugs from our store. Will brighten those cubes right up :D

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